Lara Dutta praises PM Modi for his brave remarks regarding the “Muslim quota”: “You have to stick to your convictions.”

Bollywood actress Lara Dutta praises Prime Minister Modi's bravery in addressing the "Muslim Quota."

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Recently, Bollywood actress Lara Dutta gained national attention for her praise of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comments regarding the “Muslim quota.” The Bollywood actress expressed her support for the Prime Minister, saying it was brave of him to speak out about his convictions in spite of any criticism.

Perspectives of Lara Dutta

Bollywood actress and well-known figure Lara Dutta has spoken out over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent remarks regarding the “Muslim quota.” In a Zoom Entertainment interview, the actress praised the prime minister for having the guts to voice his opinions.

“At the end of the day, we are all humans,” the actress remarked. Maintaining everyone’s happiness at all times is really challenging. The prime minister of this nation is not exempt from trolling, just as performers like us are. That’s something we can all handle. You cannot continuously avoid conflict solely out of concern for the feelings of either party. You will eventually have to stick to your convictions and your version of reality. And good for him if he has the courage to accomplish that. You have to stick to your beliefs at the end of the day.

Prime Minister Modi’s Statement

PM Modi made the aforementioned comments at a rally in Rajasthan. During his speech, Modi asserted that the Congress party had pledged to share the wealth of the country with the Muslim community when it was in power. Across the country, this assertion has generated a contentious debate, with some people contesting the PM’s veracity.

What Happens to Lara Dutta Next?

Regarding her career, Lara Dutta is presently occupied with promoting Ranneeti: Balakot & Beyond, her forthcoming television series. In the series, Dutta plays a power broker who delves into the intricate workings of contemporary warfare and geopolitical dynamics. Santosh Singh is the director of the series, which aims to reveal little-known facts about an important defensive operation.

Views of the Critics

The patriotic storylines in the series have drawn criticism and skepticism. In response, Dutta has emphasized the significance of appreciating and acknowledging tales from India’s own territory. It’s a common belief that this is propaganda. However, we never say that when we see Zero Dark Thirty, other Hollywood movies, or anything else. “So, why do we always apply this to the things that belong to our country?” she said.

Social Media Response

Dutta’s response to PM Modi’s statements on Twitter, where it swiftly gathered traction. With over 3,839 views, 7 reposts, and 12 likes, the tweet demonstrated the broad popular interest in the political opinions of the actress.

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