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The pharmaceutical industry is being revolutionised by Care Pharmacy Pvt Ltd.

The growing emergence of technology in the 21st century has made people’s lives hassle-free and convenient. One important thing that has come to the forefront…

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LPU student Harsh Kudesia start-up received a grant of Rs 20 lakh from Transition Capital.

LPU Student Harsh Kudesia received a 20 Lakh rupees grant for his Start-Up.Harsh, a Innovative Focused student pursuing B.Tech Mechanical…

Wipro’s Transformation: From Vegetable Oil to Global Tech Giant

16 August 2023, Mumbai: Wipro, a name synonymous with innovation and progress, has embarked on a transformative journey from its…

From a Simple Idea to a 100-Crore Success: The Inspiring Journey of Yoga Bar

27 July 2023, Mumbai: In 2012, during a yoga session in New York, Suhasini Sampath and her sister, Anindita Sampath,…

Indian Startup Azista BST’s Satellite Successfully Deployed by SpaceX, Boosting the Country’s Space Endeavors

13th June 2023, Mumbai:Azista BST Aerospace, an Indian space startup, witnessed a major achievement as their 80 kg satellite AFR…

December 2023

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