Omkar Baidya’s book “A Path to World Peace” is a universally appreciated book, Read More about the Author!

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Omkar Baidya, Famous Author and Physician.

Omkar Baidya is a famous author and physician. His books have the concept of reality well framed and virtues written to assist a person through the melancholies of their lives. Just like this, his book, “A path to world Peace” has risen to fame. The book talks about how human virtues play an important role in shaping Human lives.

“A Path to World Peace”

He wrote a book “A Path to World Peace” in which he has dreams of peaceful world. In his view, the peace and harmony will be based on compassion, forgiveness and non-violence. He has given importance to universal religion and human virtues for morality development and moral renaissance to raise above borders and beliefs. To establish peace in this earth, human suffering and misery should be decreased. It would be the human virtues which will play major role in this earth to establish peace as he is not a religious leader. In his other book “Universal Ethics and World Peace,” has shown how universal ethics and human virtues can play role in establishing peace in this planet earth. In his another book “Nature and morality”, he proved that human morality affects nature and its creation. He explains in that book that moral energy is God and god transfers such moral energy to all humans using some ways, leading to morality development.

Dr.Baidya and his Virtues

Dr. Baidya has designed many tools to establish human virtues and make morality developed in human beings to promote shaping of human civilization. In the most important book of his “Morality beyond the human brain: A philosophical and scientific exploration”, he has discussed that both morality and immorality are directly responsible for our own human existence and existence of other lives in this planet earth. He has formulated an equation for intrinsic morality under common platform of science and philosophy, and which nature has given to all living organism since its birth or origin.

Received Awards and Honoured by Literary World

Dr. Baidya has received many prestigious awards, like Dr. BR Ambedkar National Award, Dr. BR Ambedkar International Award, Bharat Sree Award, Bharat Bhushan Samman, Bharat Vibhushan, Mahatma Gandhi Nobel Peace Award, Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Award, Rashtriya Sadbhabana Award, Rashtriya Ekta Puraskar, Best Citizen of India Award 2022, Rashtriya Prerna Award, Rashtriya Chikitsa National Award, Nelson Mandela International Peace Award, Asia Peace Prize, Gandhi Mandela Award, Bharat Gaurav Samman, Banga Gaurav Samman, Mahatma Gandhi International Nobel Peace Award, etc. The list of himbeing awarded just goes on and on.

 Not only this, he has been placed in the Top 10 Influential People for the year 2022, Top 20 Healthcare Experts of India for the year 2022, Top 100 Influential People by Fox Story, Top 10 Great and Prominent Personalities in 2022, Top 10 Inspiring Personalities in India by 2022, Foxclues’ Top 100 Educators and Professors in India, Glantor X’s Top 100 Powerful Personality of the Year-2022 and Rising50 Best Educators. His contribution to healthcare and education has been widely recognized while his efforts geared towards promoting moral leadership and philanthropy has earned him respect from all walks of life.

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