TMC Or BJP — Who Will Become The Number One Party In West Bengal?

TMC is claiming to get more seats than last time in the Lok Sabha elections, while BJP said that it will successfully defeat Trinamool.

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The battle to become number one in West Bengal has become interesting. Trinamool Congress’s internal assessment is that BJP will not be able to become the number one party in the state due to its height to win the Lok Sabha seat. Trinamool is claiming to get more seats than last time. At the same time, BJP claims that it will definitely succeed in defeating Trinamool this time.

Hindutva issue not prevalent as per TMC

According to the seat-by-seat assessment done by Trinamool Congress, the issue of Hindutva is not going on in most of the areas in the state, but Mamata didi’s plans and her personality along with Bengali pride are once again outweighing. On the other hand, BJP is confident of increasing its strength on the issues of extreme Hindutva, corruption and CAA along with infiltration issues.

Darjeeling, Raiganj and Balurghat

Voting is to be held on April 26 in the second phase for three Lok Sabha seats of Bengal, Darjeeling, Raiganj and Balurghat. BJP had won all three seats in the 2019 elections. The seats where votes were cast in the first phase and where votes are to be counted in the second phase, all these areas are under the influence of BJP, although now Trinamool is claiming regime change on these seats.

The Battle of Balurghat

This time Viplav Mitra is in front of BJP President Sukant Majumdar in Balurghat. Sukant’s victory margin was very less in 2019. Trinamool Congress has tried to corner Sukant by fielding its MLA here. At present the ground fight between BJP and Trinamool has become very interesting.

Experts say that in the last elections, the majority of left parties’ votes also went with BJP, but this time the left parties have worked on many strategies to take back their votes and have given command to new faces. If this happens then BJP will have to bear the loss.

New faces of Raiganj

All three major candidates from Raiganj seat of West Bengal are new faces. Trinamool has not yet opened its account in this Lok Sabha constituency. This seat once belonged to state Chief Minister Siddharth Shankar Roy, former Union Minister Priya Ranjan Das Munshi and his wife Deepa Das Munshi when Congress was in power.

The issue of locals vs outsiders in Darjeeling

BJP has given ticket to MP Raju Bisht for the second time on the Darjeeling seat of West Bengal. This time Trinamool is making ‘Bhumiputra’ an issue on the seat. TMC party has given the slogan of local versus outsider by giving ticket to local Gopal Lama. Congress has also given ticket to local doctor Munish Tamang on the same agent.

-Rahul Dubey

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