The inDrive Story: A Journey Told Person By Person

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How can a firm started far from the advantages and resources of the world’s tech hotspots achieve unicorn status? More importantly, how far can the desire for meaning and purpose eventually take you? The inDrive documentary seeks to answer these questions.

In an exclusive release, the inDrive documentary provides spectators with a rare peek inside the company’s heart and soul, using never-before-seen film and honest stories from its founder and CEO, Arsen Tomsky. This special material delves deeply into their original idea and the philosophy that drives inDrive. Viewers will be privy to illuminating moments and key turning points that have never been made public, shining light on inDrive’s enormous impact on communities.

Far from being a typical corporate video, this story dives deeply into the butterfly effect of positive influence, demonstrating how inDrive’s efforts have rippled through communities, causing waves of change that go far beyond their initial touchpoints.

In the freezing winter of Yakutsk, a group of people come together to protest taxi companies’ unfair price collusion, which leaves customers stuck in the cold. They quickly gained popularity and became the world’s leading app for fair rides.

It’s a basic notion, but it has the potential to be revolutionary. InDrive grows out of this frozen germ, a collective attitude against injustice. Today, the company has evolved to become the world’s second-largest ride-hailing service, operating in over 700 cities across 46 countries, driven by deeply held beliefs and objectives that go far beyond profit.

InDrive seeks to rethink capitalism, no less: to put people back in control, restore their freedom of choice, and therefore improve their lives.

InDrive Founder and CEO Arsen Tomsky reflected on the film and its message, saying, “We should focus on the path, on the journey. And if you do something important for you, that is very meaningful for you, and you develop an external environment during that journey, you are getting more and more with each step. And that is something which nobody can take from you. Even if you don’t reach a peak, you will have something available to you.”

The film is directed by Greek filmmaker Theo Papadoulakis, whose celebrated work demonstrates his ability to represent ordinary people in exceptional circumstances. Papadoulakis has received more than 70 international honours for his ability to convey the endurance of the human spirit.

The documentary chronicles the narrative of inDrive through the eyes of individual characters.

From the exceptional individuals in Nigeria, Indonesia, Mexico, and others who use the ride-hailing app to take charge of their lives, to the communities that seize the opportunity to move forward.

From Arsen Tomsky, the company’s creative CEO, who overcomes personal and social obstacles to bring an idea to life, to the employees who join inDrive to help it thrive and grow, driven by shared values and a single objective.

It’s an amazing journey told through global connections. And this is far from over.

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By: Namit Pandey

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