Ayush Gupta, A Spiritual Healer, Will Provide Reiki To Save Animals.

Spiritual healer Ayush Gupta, who is skilled in numerology, reiki, and tarot card reading, believes that people should appreciate and care for animals.

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21st February,2024, Mumbai:  Ayush argues that this ought to change right away in view of the recent incidents of animal cruelty.“Animals should be viewed as living beings, not merely objects, in my opinion. I find it painful when people treat animals badly. He believes, “At the very least, we should have the initiative in our hearts to do something better for every animal, including street dogs.

“At this time, I intend to provide Reiki to rescue cats for their well-being,” he continues. I’m planning to launch this project and offer Reiki to animals in order to improve them.

People Should Consider Dogs As Part Of Nature: Ayush Gupta

According to him, people must realise that they are a part of nature. Saying Vasudeva Kutumbakam means declaring that the world is a single entity. Thus, it implies that all living things and nature must be united, not only people and their respective territorial boundaries. All living things are considered to be a part of nature, including humans, animals, plants, and trees. He claims that when people begin to view other creatures as fellow members of their own species, they will no longer feel inclined to commit such horrible acts.

People’s Behaviour Towards Animal Is Miserable

He continues by saying that when people are internally miserable, they would turn to such brutality. Individuals frequently discuss important issues like mental health but do little to really address them. They talk about it, write about it, produce material about it, and even make money off of it, but the problem still exists. Many of them pretend to be happy on social media, even though they are not. People are internally battling, psychologically ill, and caught in a cycle of internal and external conflict. The secret is to confront these internal conflicts.

 A calm and contented existence might result from knowing the fundamentals of life. Rather than concentrating on outside strategies to achieve happiness, such as making films or reels, disciplined living and meditation can provide answers. Three forces control life: one that pushes it forward, one that makes things difficult, and one that maintains equilibrium between the two. A car’s accelerator, brake, and clutch must be in balance, and achieving this balance calls for attention and alertness, the speaker adds.

By-Sapna Meena

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