I Want People In Korea To Experience The Warmth And Love That I Have In India – Says K-Pop Singer

K-Pop Singer Aoora Express His Love To India

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On 17th December 2023, Mumbai: K-Pop singer Aoora impressed audiences with his singing. Well, last weekend he entered in  Bigg Boss 17 as a wild card. Aoora expresses his love for India and shares his experience of living with Indians.

K-Pop Singer Aoora Recalling His Memory Of India

In the vibrant world of social media, there is a connection between South Korea and India, driven by the energy of K-Pop and the charm of bollywood. Singer Aoora aka Park Minjun expresses his love for India goes beyond music and dance. He shared, he likes spending time in Mumbai and recalling rented an apartment in Malad.  “I find India and Indians beautiful, and I connect with this country really well,” he said in an interview just before entering the Bigg Boss house. He added, “The warmth I’ve experienced in India makes me feel good. India as a country has been incredibly therapeutic for me. It’s a place where the soul finds comfort amidst the chaos.”

Aoora’s Love For Bollywood Music Was Incredible

Aoora is known for dancing to the tunes of popular bollywood songs. Well, he first came into limelight with his performance on Bappi Lahiri’s Jimmy Jimmy (Disco Dancer, 1982). Talking about his passion for Bollywood music and dance he said, “Last summer, I saw a video of the song, Cham Cham (Baaghi, 2016), and found it vibrant and aligning with my style. I resonated with the idea of so many people coming together to sing and dance in the video.” he shared, “I feel Bollywood films reflect society and what’s happening in people’s lives. In India, I have witnessed the same flavor during Navratri and Diwali.”

Aoora Decide To Learn Hindi

When asked Aoora about His Favourite Actor he said, “Oh, that changes every month,” he said with a smile and added, “Earlier, it was Tiger Shroff, then Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, and now, Salman Khan… forever. If there’s one wish I want fulfilled, it would be to make a video featuring me with the three Khans.”He also harbours acting aspirations. “I am fond of acting and I plan to learn Hindi. Not just Bollywood, I wish to explore opportunities in South Indian films and songs as well. I have been in talks with some music producers in both Mumbai and Chennai and the response has been positive. I hope to bag a substantial role, maybe playing myself – a K-pop star – in a film backed by a good banner,” he shared.

Aoora Wants Korean People Experience The Beauty Of India

Aoora strongly believed that India and Korea shared a bond, love for music, culture, food and fashion to have people together. The K-Pop singer and songwriter says, “There are so many striking similarities between these two countries, and I want to bring them closer, culturally. That’s my goal. When I see people back home unaware of the real India, I try to tell them more. I want people in Korea to experience the warmth and love that I have got here.

By Sojwal Gurav

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