KL Rahul Opens Up On Athiya Shetty’s Frustration and Superstitions During His Injury

Discovering the Real Athiya – A Cricket-Loving Partner Who Stands Strong

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30th December 2023,Mumbai: Bollywood wives, especially those married to cricketers, often find themselves under the scrutiny of social media, with Anushka Sharma being a classic example. Athiya Shetty, the Mubarakan actress and wife of cricketer KL Rahul, has also joined this league, facing the constant gaze of social media. However, unlike some, she remains unfazed by faceless judgments.

Beyond Misogyny: Athiya Shetty’s Cricket Savvy

In contrast to the misguided remarks of some, Athiya Shetty is far from being unaware of her husband’s cricketing world. KL Rahul, in an interview, revealed that Athiya is not just a bystander to his games but a knowledgeable and emotionally invested companion. This stands in stark contrast to stereotypes perpetuated by figures like Harbhajan Singh, who have made misogynistic comments about women’s understanding of cricket.

A Shoulder to Lean On

KL Rahul, in a candid revelation, shared an intimate aspect of his relationship with Athiya. During a period of injury, he found solace in his wife’s support. Contrary to the notion that partners may not understand the challenges of a professional athlete, KL Rahul emphasized that Athiya was not just aware but deeply affected by his struggles. Her frustration and anger surpassed his own during a tough time, showcasing the strength of their bond.

Love Amidst Adversity

The tough times, as KL Rahul narrates, brought them closer. Athiya’s response to his injury wasn’t just emotional support; it was a testament to the strength of their relationship. In his words, “It was tough for both of us, but it also gave us time that we needed together. She gave me a lot of love.” This sheds light on how adversity can often strengthen the foundation of a relationship.

Superstitions and Support

Beyond being a supportive partner during tough times, Athiya Shetty exhibits a charming quirkiness when it comes to KL Rahul’s cricket matches. Revealing a glimpse into their personal dynamics, KL Rahul shared Athiya’s superstitions about his game. From having a designated lucky spot at home to maintaining specific rituals during his play, Athiya’s involvement in her husband’s sporting life goes beyond passive support.

The Intimate Wedding

Athiya and KL Rahul’s love story culminated in an intimate wedding at Suniel Shetty’s farmhouse in Mumbai Lonavala. This private affair marked the beginning of a new chapter for the couple, away from the prying eyes of the media. The enchanting backdrop of Lonavala witnessed the union of two individuals deeply in love, sparking admiration from their fans.

PDA that Enchants Fans

While facing trolls and judgments, Athiya and KL Rahul consistently leave their fans enamored with their public displays of affection. Their social media accounts often feature moments of togetherness, be it a romantic getaway or a simple candid photograph. This PDA not only showcases their love for each other but also serves as a reminder that true love can withstand the pressures of public scrutiny.

In the world of Bollywood and cricket, where every move is scrutinized, Athiya Shetty and KL Rahul stand as a testament to the fact that genuine love goes beyond the judgments of faceless critics. Their journey, marked by support, understanding, and affection, is an inspiration for those navigating the complexities of relationships in the public eye.

-By Kashvi Gala

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