“MrsfunnyBones” aka Twinkle Khanna, celebrates her 50th birthday today:

Let’s look at the birthday girl’s unapologetic charm

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Twinkle Khanna is a woman with an unapologetic voice and charm. She is the daughter of the legendary Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia.As she hits 50 today, many celebrities took to Instagram and X to wish her. Akshay Kumar posted a hilarious video of his wife being her typical “Mrsfunnybones” self where she is standing in front of “Hulk”.  He captioned the post as “Long Live my Hulk”.Akshay’s Instagram post:

Twinkle Khanna surely has her way of expressing herself on social media as well as in her books. She is full of wit and humour. Her fun-loving personality makes you laugh and feel light-hearted in a second. She has established herself as a successful writer and producer. She has written a total of four books till now, including “The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad,” “Pyjamas are Forgiving,” “Mrs. Funnybones,” and her latest publication, “Welcome to Paradise.” She is an author, columnist, interior designer, film producer, and former actress. The writer fearlessly expresses herself on paper. Her column appears in the Times of India, where she writes about several topics and shares her viewpoints, mostly on current scenarios. Her witty and straightforward writing is something that every writer should be inspired by.  

In a recent post on her Lifestyle column, she funnily expressed how she is taking the ageing process: “Grace counts in ballet, and ageing is a battle! But…thanks to the ageing process, I can’t quite remember if I read this somewhere or made it up just now,”. She often uses satire in her writing and grabs the attention of the reader in one go. Her straightforward and humorous take on life’s challenges and experiences provides hope and lightheartedness to the readers. She was once told that her brain was the size of a pea, which she surely proved to be untrue with her amazing writing and creative ventures.

Twinkle Khanna is celebrating her 50th birthday with Akshay Kumar in an undisclosed location. On Instagram, she shared a video of her and Akshay Kumar spotting the sea wildlife. She captioned the post, “On my 50th birthday, my eyes and heart are still filled with wonder when I look at the world around me and at my family. People may cite great philosophers, but I follow Dory from Finding Nemo, where, no matter what life brings, she says, ‘Just keep swimming. May the adventures never cease.”

By Gursharan Kaur Sanhotra

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