BLUM India Opens a Stunning Experience Center in Bangalore

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 Bangalore (Karnataka) [India]: In collaboration with Fabluxe Home Solutions, BLUM, a leader in cutting-edge kitchen and furniture solutions, is pleased to announce the opening of its newest experience center in Bangalore. Located at 2, 110 Rashtriya Vidyalaya Rd., Vishweshwarapura, Mavalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004, this state-of-the-art establishment is poised to transform the way clients encounter BLUM’s high-end solutions in the center of Bangalore.

Mr. Nadeem Patni, Managing Director, BLUM India, and Mr. Preet Shah and Mrs. Ashita Shah, Directors, Fabluxe Home Solutions, officially opened the new BLUM experience center. For its clients in the trade, furniture business, interior design sector, and end users eager to realize their imaginative furniture concepts, BLUM provides premium, “made in Austria” furniture fittings. The fittings maker is a family-run business with roots in Austria that provides their global clientele with furniture hardware solutions that are focused on the needs of the customer. With over 20 years of experience, BLUM has a presence in India and provides cutting-edge furniture industry fittings.

Through its collaboration with Fabluxe Home Solutions, BLUM is able to provide its esteemed product line to customers in Bangalore, giving them firsthand access to the newest developments in ergonomic and functional design for contemporary living areas.

Mavalli, Vishweshwarapura, 110 Rashtriya Vidyalaya Rd., Bengaluru, Karnataka

“We are delighted to inaugurate the BLUM Experience Center in Bangalore, marking a significant milestone in our journey to redefine excellence in furniture fittings,” stated Mr. Nadeem Patni BLUM, Managing Director, BLUM India. Our commitment to providing the thriving community of this city with exceptional quality and innovation is embodied in our cooperation with Fabluxe Home Solutions. Now, during the immersive experience, customers can interact directly with our products and learn about all the different ways they can improve their homes.

“We are incredibly proud to collaborate with BLUM, the global leader in innovative kitchen and furniture fittings, to bring their exceptional range of products closer to the residents of Bangalore,” stated Mr. Preet Shah and Ms. Ashita Shah, Directors of Fabluxe Home Solutions. The launch of the newest experience center in our cooperation is a testament to our dedication to providing our esteemed clients with exceptional quality and state-of-the-art design. We are excited to work with BLUM to alter living areas and offer a unique experience that seamlessly blends style and utility.

A major step forward in BLUM’s goal to excite and surprise clients all over the world with its extraordinary range of products and solutions is the opening of the BLUM Experience Centre

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