India and Denave will collaborate to plant seeds of change as part of the Invest in Our Planet, Green Print for Change Initiative.

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Denave, a premier provider of technology-driven revenue development services, announced a partnership with INDIAdonates to introduce the revolutionary “Invest in Our Planet, Green Print for Change” program, marking a major step towards environmental sustainability.

This significant mass planting initiative, carried out in collaboration with “Give Me Trees” Trust, a local implementation partner, demonstrates a strong dedication to environmental stewardship. By planting 4000 trees, the project hopes to improve the environmental sustainability in the Delhi and Noida areas. 

This program began with an opening ceremony that took place at Government School, Maincha, Dadri, on March 27, 2024. Along with other distinguished Denave employees and Ms. Anuradha Singh, Trustee of INDIAdonates, the event was attended by Mr. Rajesh Khanna, Country Head-Telesales, and Ms. Sunita Pareek, General Manager-HR, to commemorate the shared aim of environmental sustainability. The Denave team committed to implementing environmentally friendly techniques and took an active part in the plantation effort.

The cooperative project aims to increase the amount of natural tree cover in Delhi and Noida, promoting not only green areas but also increased public awareness of environmental issues. The aim is to foster a culture in which people are motivated to take positive action towards the environment.

This project goes beyond just planting trees; it’s a significant step in the right direction toward lowering carbon emissions, improving air quality, and raising oxygen levels—all of which are necessary for a healthy Earth. The 4000 trees will be planted at certain sites, such as Cityforest in Jaunpur, Delhi, and Government School in Maincha, Dadri, Greater Noida.


The future of the nation is cultivated at government schools, therefore starting a tree-planting effort there has symbolic significance, according to Ms. Samriti Malhotra, VP of Global HRD at Denave. At Denave, we have shown our dedication to environmental care by making sustainability a top priority. The INDIAdonates Trustee, Ms. Anuradha Singh, emphasized that deeds speak louder than words. “Adopting practices that promote environmental sustainability is non-negotiable and we must invest in building a greener tomorrow for the next generation as well as leaving a legacy of protecting the environment,” she said, emphasizing the significance of planting trees.

Concerning Denave:

The founding purpose of Denave more than 25 years ago was to become a global sales catalyst. Our unwavering dedication is in creating solution-focused strategies that are bolstered by a strong sales force, operating throughout Europe, Asia, and India. With the acquisition of a majority stake in the company, UDS has strengthened our geographic footprint in important areas and further integrated our expertise. Please visit for additional details.

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