ITM SLS Baroda University, in collaboration with ISRO (SAC) and DRDO Pune, is leading the historic international conference on April 4, 2024.

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ITM (SLS), Baroda University, the Space Applications Centre (SAC) of ISRO, and DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) of Pune came together to host the first-ever International Conference on “AI Fusion 2024” in a historic partnership intended to further advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The event, which took place on March 29 and 30, 2024, demonstrated a concerted effort to push the boundaries of innovation in the field of artificial intelligence research and development, and it represented a key milestone in that regard.

It was a historic moment for ISRO and DRDO to be a part of the AI Fusion 2024 conference because it was their first time attending an international conference of this magnitude.

The conference provided a distinguished forum for presenting cutting-edge AI discoveries, encouraging interdisciplinary collaborations, and discussing the application of AI technologies to improve society.

The President of ITM SLS Baroda University, Mrs. Kanu Priya Singh Rathore, expressed her sincere appreciation to all attendees, partners, and organizers for their unrelenting dedication to ensuring the success of the AI Fusion 2024 conference. “The partnership between ITM (SLS), DRDO Pune, and SAC ISRO has established an incredible precedent in promoting interdisciplinary discourse and propelling influential research in the field of artificial intelligence,” she said. In addition to showcasing ground-breaking inventions, this conference has reinforced our commitment to keep pushing the limits of AI technology for the benefit of society.

Leading academics and thought leaders from India and beyond came together for AI Fusion 2024 with the goal of advancing cutting-edge research, tackling pressing issues, and creating lively dialogues and networking opportunities.

The conference’s keynote addresses, panel discussions, technical paper presentations, and workshops spanning a range of AI topics, including computer vision, robotics, machine learning, and natural language processing, were among its main highlights. Prominent scholars delivered more than 153 technical talks at the event, while distinguished guests from ISRO and DRDO enhanced the chances for networking with important government agencies.

Prominent speakers, such as Dr. Tushar Sahgel of AIIMS Delhi, Dr. Nilesh M. Desai, Director of SAC-ISRO, Dr. Makarand Ganesh Joshi, Director at DRDO Pune, Mr. Jaimin Desai, Deputy Director of SAC, ISRO, Dr. A.K. Tiwari, Ex-Chairman of the American Society of Metals (India), and Dr. Ashish Baldi, President awardee, provided insightful viewpoints on AI’s potential to modernize industries and increase economic value in the world. Mr. Dipan Sahu, Assistant Director of Innovation at IIC Delhi (Ministry of Education), also offered his thoughts on AI and its significance in the modern world.

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