Takasago International India Fragrance Center (TIIFC) in Mumbai was officially opened by Takasago International Corporation (TIC).

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A Japan-based firm that manufactures and markets flavors, perfumes, aroma chemicals, and fine chemicals. Research, development, and sensory assessment of fragrance goods in an R&D setup by skilled experts are all included in TIIFC.

“While the global fragrance market continues to grow, Takasago is proud to lead the charge in India, where our business has grown tenfold, capitalizing on the nation’s growing fragrance industry,” stated Paul Ireland, President of the Worldwide Fragrance Division. Given the anticipated strong growth in the Indian fragrance market, Takasago reaffirms its commitment to the country and pledges to keep investing in R&D, creative talent, and disruptive innovation to maintain its position in this vibrant market for years to come.

“Our Mumbai Center stands as a testament to our commitment to R&D innovation, blending art and science to craft fragrances tailored to local tastes with unprecedented speed,” continued Shaheel T.T.P., Managing Director, India and South Asia. Our goals are more ambitious in the market, which will serve as the global growth engine. We aspire to develop scents for India by utilizing Japanese technology to provide Indian consumers with experiences they won’t get anywhere else.

With an annual production capacity of roughly 20,000 tons, Takasago maintains a F&F production unit in India. Takasago intends to introduce Japanese technologies to give Indian customers a distinctive and diverse experience. Takasago International has ambitious goals for India that align with the vast prospects the country presents. Takasago International India’s (TII) business in India is close to INR 1500 million, and its growth in 2023 has been roughly 30%. In India, Takasago’s business has grown tenfold, with a compound annual growth rate above 40%. Takasago is going to keep making investments in India, including transfers of technology, human resources, and R&D facilities. The company has established itself by partnering with top FMCG businesses in India.

TII established the Takasago International India Fragrance Centre in Mumbai in response to the development and growth of the fragrance industry in India.  Takasago, who produces fragrances, conducts research and development for different fragrances that are utilized in air care, fabric care, perfumes, and personal care items.Fragrances found in goods other than food are created by perfumers. The perfumer creates a formula by choosing the essential components from the raw materials for perfumes based on the customer’s concept and instructions.

By refining the formulated perfumes through sensory analysis and trial application, new fragrances are produced.  Science and art must be combined in the creation of scents. Science must inform the design of fragrances in addition to creativity, taking into account factors like stability, long-lastingness, and diffusion to fit the intended use of the product.

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