Virat Kohli joins Asian Paints As The Brand Ambassador For “Neo Bharat Latex Paint,” A Ground-breaking Product.

King Kohli Joins The Asian Paints As The Brand Ambassador Of Neo Bharat Latex Paint

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3rd April,2024, Mumbai:  The premier paint and décor company in India, Asian Paints, is pleased to announce that cricket legend Virat Kohli will be serving as the brand ambassador for their upcoming new product launch, Neo Bharat Latex Paint.

Asian Paints aims to further democratise and extend its market share in this dynamic business by introducing Neo Bharat Latex Paint, which will revolutionise the paint category. Neo Bharat Latex Paint is a new product that offers exceptional washability, more coverage, and a superior finish because to its unique polymer technology. Asian Paints wants to accompany the millions of Indians who are striving for a better life, and these “colours of progress,” as Neo Bharat puts it, are an ode to them.

Asian Paints, a market pioneer, has continuously released ground-breaking goods that raise the bar

There is nobody more suitable than Virat Kohli to handle a launch of this size. Virat is the ideal face for both Asian Paints and the cutting-edge Neo Bharat Latex Paint because he personifies the brand’s principles and ethos, which mirror Asian Paints’ leadership and dedication to quality and performance.

Amit Syngle, MD & CEO of Asian Paints Ltd., expressed his excitement for the upcoming launch and brand ambassador, Virat Kohli, saying, “We are extremely excited about our upcoming launch, Neo Bharat Latex Paint, which is one of Asian Paints’ biggest moments in history. In a way that many others have not, Kohli is acknowledged today with changing the game and the Indian squad. His persona radiates the confidence of the new India, and his popularity transcends geographical boundaries. This ground-breaking product is a wonderful fit for Kohli’s mass appeal and influence. In addition to redefining the paint category, Neo Bharat is expected to accelerate the expansion of the Indian paint sector. We are excited to embark on this adventure with Virat Kohli and are happy to have him join the Asian Paints family.

Virat Kohli On Joining The Asian Paints Team As The Brand Ambassador

“I am truly excited and ecstatic to be associated with a brand known for its leadership, innovation, and strong values,” Virat Kohli said in response to questions about his affiliation with Asian Paints. For me, Asian Paints is more than just a brand; it’s like cricket, a staple of practically every Indian home that makes life happier and more exciting. In keeping with this revolutionary path, I am really honoured to be assisting with the introduction of Asian Paints Neo Bharat Latex Paint, which will position Asian Paints as a major player in a new and forward-thinking India.

Asian Paints is set to reveal additional information regarding Neo Bharat Latex Paint and initiate a significant marketing campaign with the brand’s charismatic spokesperson. The upcoming weeks will see the launch of the campaign, which promises to be the largest to date across all platforms.

All Details About Asian Paints Limited:

With a combined sales of ₹ 34,489 crores (₹ 345 billion), Asian Paints has gone a long way from its founding in 1942 to become both Asia’s second-largest paint company and India’s top paint firm. Asian Paints serves customers in more than 60 countries through its operations in 15 countries and its 27 paint manufacturing plants worldwide. Asian Paints has consistently been at the forefront of the paint industry, spearheading innovations and launching fresh ideas in India, such as Colour Ideas, Asian Paints Beautiful Homes Stores, Colour Next, and Beautiful Homes Painting Service.

 Asian Paints produces a large selection of paints for industrial and decorative use on walls both indoors and outside. The SmartCare waterproofing range, WoodTech wood finish products, and the Adhesives range for all surfaces are all part of their offering. The business sells kitchen and bathroom products and is also active in the “Home Improvement and Decor segment.” The company offers a variety of safe and supervised painting and interior design services, and it has recently added lighting, furnishings, and furniture to its repertoire.

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