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Starting out as a small spark ignited by Vijay’s and Sampurna’s deep love for the diversity and vibrancy of Indian culture, it was this inspiration point that marked the inception of trendia.co. With keen eyes for identifying demand for original Indian products worldwide, their vision came true in the form of an online platform called trendia.co which unites India’s creative communities with admirers of its hand-arts across mother earth. Trendia became not only a showcase for breathtaking diversity of Indian art but also served as an umbrella for those involved in creating it, thereby perpetuating their skill sets & stories through new channels.

The journey from a virtual storefront to a tangible shop in Illinois, Greater Chicago Area, was gradual and carefully strategized. Understanding the market, gauging the interest of consumers, and identifying the longing among the Indian diaspora for a connection to their roots were steps that paved the way for this transition. Vijay and Sampurna knew that to truly capture the essence of Indian culture, they needed to create a space that went beyond the conventional retail experience—a place that offered a taste of India’s soul.

The opening of Trendia’s physical store in the Greater Chicago Area is a testament to the founders’ vision and dedication. It stands as a vibrant beacon of Indian culture in the heart of America, inviting people from all walks of life to explore the richness of Indian decor, fabric, and craftsmanship. This store is more than just a business venture; it is a cultural mission, a dream realised by Vijay and Sampurna to bring a piece of India to those who yearn for it, thousands of miles away from their homeland.

Entering the Chicago store of Trendia is like beginning an Indian journey. Every nook and cranny is thoughtfully chosen to represent the artistic diversity of India. The store is a veritable museum of Indian art, showcasing everything from handwoven textiles that bring ancient traditions back to life, to intricate jewellery pieces reminiscent of the historical opulence associated with India. It is an oasis where all the vibrant chaos of Indian markets are distilled into a peaceful shopping experience where customers can touch, feel and appreciate the craftsmanship of items that have crossed oceans.

The choice to establish a physical presence in the Greater Chicago Area was driven by a desire to give customers an immersive experience-—a chance for them to go deeper into the story behind each product. Vijay and Sampurna realised that while an online platform could reach many people, nothing surpassed experiencing their products first-hand. The store acts as a bridge for intercultural dialogue, serving as a medium through which greater understanding may be fostered about Indian craft making as well as its timeless beauty. Behind Trendia success lies undying commitment towards their roots in India coupled with sound understanding on how diaspora misses cultural heritage ties. This journey demonstrates traditional crafts’ future potential in international markets

The opening of Trendia’s store in Chicago is a significant milestone in Vijay and Sampurna’s journey. It symbolises the fruition of their dreams and the start of a new chapter in bringing India closer to the world. The store is a place where stories of Indian heritage are shared and celebrated, where the warmth of Indian culture envelops visitors, offering them a slice of India in the heart of America.

In essence, Trendia’s journey from online to offline in Chicago is a celebration of Indian culture and craftsmanship. It’s a story of two people who dared to dream beyond the usual, bringing India to America. Therefore, Vijay and Sampurna have disclosed an assorted range of decors, fabrics, and handicrafts that appeal to all and sundry as one seeks the rich cultural tapestry of India. This article is inspiring as it shows how understanding and persistence can bridge worlds and inject some Indianness into every corner of the world.

This venture provides a new hope for artists in India by enabling them to demonstrate their skill worldwide. It is also living proof of how vision can transcend barriers; passion does not distinguish language or religion; hard work breaks down walls between people. They created more than just a shop but rather they wove together a fabric of cultures across continents.

Visit Trendia – experience India at – Unit 225, 1650 Premium Outlet Blvd, Aurora, IL USA 60502. (Directions – 3rd store on left side from Adidas)

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