Legalit Honored as Legal Tech Startup of the Year 2024 at Cube Startup Awards

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The Cube Startup Awards, a prestigious recognition platform for innovative businesses, has named Legalit as the Legal Tech Startup of the Year 2024. This award celebrates Legalit’s outstanding contributions to the legal technology industry, underscoring its role as a leader in transforming legal practices through advanced technology.

Award Ceremony Highlights

The award ceremony, hosted by Cube Startup Awards at their annual event, brought together a myriad of innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders. Legalit was highlighted for its exceptional achievements in integrating artificial intelligence with legal services, which has significantly streamlined operations like legal research, document automation, and case management for legal professionals across India.

Legalit’s Innovative Edge

Legalit’s platform, renowned for its AI-driven capabilities, has been instrumental in redefining how legal services are delivered. By automating complex and time-consuming tasks, Legalit has not only enhanced efficiency but has also made legal services more accessible and affordable. This has been particularly impactful for small and medium-sized enterprises and independent practitioners, who previously faced barriers to accessing high-quality legal resources.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Practices

In addition to its technological innovations, Legalit was also commended for its sustainable practices. The startup operates with 95% of its workforce online, significantly reducing the environmental impact typically associated with traditional office spaces. Moreover, their commitment to powering data centers with 100% renewable energy further solidified their reputation as a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious company.

Future Prospects

Following the recognition at the Cube Startup Awards, Legalit plans to expand its technological offerings and explore new markets outside India. With ongoing advancements in AI and a strong commitment to sustainability, Legalit is well-positioned to maintain its leadership in the legal tech sector and continue making a positive impact on the global stage.


The Cube Startup Awards’ recognition of Legalit as the Legal Tech Startup of the Year 2024 highlights the company’s innovative approach and its significant contributions to both the legal industry and environmental sustainability. As Legalit continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in legal tech, it remains a beacon of innovation and a model for other startups aspiring to combine technological advancement with responsible business practices.

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