PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate 5G services today.

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Indians communicate and connect with family members who aren’t physically present in front of them but are nonetheless close to them thanks to a variety of technological advancements. The most crucial tool for connecting individuals with one another is none other than mobile phones from different manufacturers. 

The network upgraded from 3G to 4G due to advancements in the telecom sector, but on Saturday (October 1), our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch the new and updated 5G services in select cities, including the opening of the six iterations of the Indian Mobile Congress 2022 in New Delhi.

The newly constructed 5G service will be introduced by the Prime Minister in a few cities on Saturday and will gradually cover the entire nation under its Radar over the following couple of years, according to a statement from the Ministry of Communications about the newly announced 5G services. The newly available 5G services have the ability to alter Indian society by opening up new business opportunities and societal advantages. By 2035, it’s anticipated that India would have had a $450 billion economic impact from 5G.

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