Google Slides now has an AI-powered capability for creating graphics with prompts: Everything you need to know!

3rd June 2023, Mumbai: Google debuted the functionality during the 2023 edition of its annual I/O event in May. Google is releasing a tool dubbed

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Grozeo: Redefining Retail in India at Franchise India Expo 2023

21st November 2023, Mumbai: In thе hеart of Mumbai at thе Jio World Convеntion Cеntrе, thе Franchisе India Expo 2023,

Meta Elevates WhatsApp Experience with AI Chatbot!

21 November 2023, Mumbai: Explore the latest development in WhatsApp's functionality with Meta's introduction of an AI-powered chatbot. The beta

AI-Generated Scams Drain $1.1 Billion from Older Americans

19 November 2023, Mumbai: In 2022, a disturbing trend emerged as older Americans fell victim to scams, leading to staggering

US Launches Global AI Safety Institute to Tackle Frontier AI Risks

2 November 2023, Mumbai: The United States is embarking on a significant endeavor, as Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo announces

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