35 Locations Are Raided in a Liquor Policy Case Across Hyderabad, Punjab, and Delhi

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In order to further its investigation into possible money laundering violations in the now-scrapped Delhi liquor policy, the Enforcement Directorate today conducted new searches at 35 locations in Delhi, Punjab, and Hyderabad. 

In these states, searches are being done at locations connected to distributors, retailers, and supply chain networks for alcoholic beverages. 

Early in the morning, agency teams could be spotted departing the Delhi headquarters in search of the destinations for the raids.

Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, criticised the federal government and called the raids “dirty politics.” 

“Over 300 CBI/ED personnel have been conducting over 500 searches over the past three months, all in an effort to gather evidence against Manish Sisodia. Nothing to be found. the fact that nothing was done “In Hindi, Mr. Kejriwal tweeted.

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