Bilkis Bano Sues The Supreme Court To Stop The Release Of Her Rapists

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Bilkis Bano today filed a Supreme Court petition challenging the early release of 11 men who were found guilty of gang raping her and murdering her whole family during the Gujarat riots in 2002.

On August 15, Independence Day, the Gujarati government released the prisoners in accordance with an antiquated protocol. Images of the rapists being decorated and greeted as heroes by a Hindu organisation added to the widespread fury over the decision.

The Gujarat administration defended the choice by pointing to the quick permission of the Centre, which came two weeks after its request, and the “excellent behaviour” of the offenders. Gujarat also referenced a decision by the Supreme Court.

The Gujarat government could take into consideration releasing him in accordance with the 1992 remission policy, the Supreme Court had stated in its decision on the plea of one of the prisoners. Gujarat released all 11, despite the CBI and a special judge’s strong protests.

If the Gujarat administration had adhered to the 2014 remission policy, which prohibits the early release of rape and murder prisoners, the action would not have been conceivable.

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