Flight Attendant’s Mysterious Death in Mumbai

Reportedly, Rupal Ogrey, who is from Chhattisgarh, had come to Mumbai in April for training with Air India.

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  • Identifying the Victim
  • Murder Case Launched
  • Flatmates Absent at Time of Incident

4th September 2023, Mumbai: In a gruesome incident that has sent shockwaves across Mumbai, a young flight attendant’s life was tragically cut short in her apartment. Authorities have initiated investigations to uncover the events leading to her death.

Identifying the Victim

Rupal Ogrey, a 24-year-old flight attendant hailing from Chhattisgarh, became the unfortunate victim of this horrifying crime. Having arrived in Mumbai only a few months earlier for training with Air India, she was living in the Andheri suburb, specifically in the NG Complex on Krishanlal Marwah Marg.

Murder Case Launched

Upon discovering the body, Powai police promptly launched a murder investigation against an unidentified individual. Multiple teams have been mobilized to track down and apprehend the perpetrator responsible for this heinous act.

Flatmates Absent at Time of Incident

Delving deeper into the case, investigators discovered that Ogrey shared the flat with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend. Interestingly, both of them had left for their hometown approximately eight days before the crime. They have been notified about the unsettling turn of events.

Initial Discovery by Concerned Friends

When repeated calls to Ogrey went unanswered, her anxious family reached out to friends residing locally in Mumbai. On reaching her apartment, these friends were met with silence, and the apartment locked from within. Fearing the worst, they reached out to the Powai police for assistance.

Disturbing Scene Unveiled

With the police’s involvement, the door to the apartment was unlocked using a spare key, revealing a macabre scene. Ogrey was found with a severe injury; her throat had been slit. In a desperate attempt to save her, she was taken to Rajawadi Hospital. Sadly, her injuries were too grave, and she was declared dead upon arrival.

Next Steps in Investigation

The primary findings have resulted in the registration of an FIR under the Indian Penal Code’s section 302, specifically for murder. Authorities remain committed to uncovering the truth behind Ogrey’s untimely death and ensuring justice is served.

Rupal Ogrey’s tragic and mysterious death has raised numerous questions about safety and security, especially for those living away from their families. As the city grapples with the shock of this incident, the hope remains that the police will swiftly bring the culprits to justice.

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