Major Crackdown in Navi Mumbai: 39 Nigerians Detained and Drugs Seized

The Navi Mumbai police's recent crackdown signifies their commitment to combating drug-related issues

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  • Details of the Operation
  • Preparation and Execution
  • Significant Seizures and Arrests

4th September 2023, Mumbai: In a significant anti-drug operation, the Navi Mumbai police apprehended 36 Nigerians and confiscated illicit substances valued at more than ₹5 crore. The operation not only aimed to combat drug trafficking but also to underline the police’s commitment to curbing this menace.

Details of the Operation

In a detailed and well-coordinated crackdown, the Navi Mumbai police managed to arrest 36 out of the 75 Nigerians they had initially detained. This marked one of the most significant operations specifically targeting Nigerians in the area. From the 36 arrested individuals, 14 were directly in possession of the banned substances, 11 had discrepancies in their passports and visas, while eight were already embroiled in ongoing cases. To ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation, 600 personnel, including police, fire brigade, and ambulance staff, were mobilized.

Preparation and Execution

The success of the operation was a result of meticulous planning. Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) Gajanan Rathod highlighted the extensive groundwork that had been ongoing for two months. This involved mapping the locations of Nigerians in collaboration with local police and the narcotics department. The primary goal was not only to suppress the drug trade but also to signal to wrongdoers the severity of consequences. Rathod remarked on the challenges of the operation, emphasizing the simultaneous raids’ importance.

Significant Seizures and Arrests

A majority of the seized drugs, valued at ₹4.26 crore, including MD, Cocaine, and Tramadol Hydrochloride strips, were discovered in Kharghar’s Sector 27. In this location alone, seven individuals were arrested. Moreover, nine Nigerians without valid documentation were located in Kharghar’s sector 35 and Taloja Phase I. Other notable seizures included 450 grams of Cocaine and 100 grams of MD in Bonkode, Koparkhairane, worth ₹45 lakh and ₹10 lakh, respectively. In Vashi’s Juhu gaon, five women were found possessing Cocaine worth ₹12 lakh.

Continuous Vigilance

This significant operation doesn’t signify the end of police efforts. Rathod insisted that such operations would continue as and when required. The police are determined to maintain their vigilance and prevent the resurgence of drug trafficking in the city.

The Navi Mumbai police’s recent crackdown signifies their commitment to combating drug-related issues. This operation has sent a strong message, setting a precedent for future actions against illegal activities in the region.

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