Mira Bhayandar Crime Branch Bust Drug Manufacturing Factory In Palghar

Drug Manufacturing Factory Bust in Mokhada Shakes Palghar – 20kg of MD Seized

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Mira Bhayandar Crime Branch Bust Drug Manufacturing Factory In Palghar

23rd October 2023, Mumbai: The Mira Bhayandar-Vasai Virar Crime Branch exposes a massive drug manufacturing operation in Mokhada, Palghar.

The Investigation By The Crime Branch:

In a significant operation that has sent shockwaves through the Palghar district, the Mira Bhayandar-Vasai Virar Crime Branch recently uncovered a drug manufacturing factory in the remote area of Mokhada. This operation exposed a sophisticated drug production network hidden within a farm house.

Drug Manufacturing Operation in Mokhada:

The Police sources reveal that a hidden drug factory was operating in a farm house in Mokhada. Its remote location and large operation size kept it hidden for a long time.

Arrests and Unraveling the Drug Network:

Multiple individuals believed to be connected to this illegal drug production have been arrested by the authorities. In a significant seizure, approximately 20 kilograms of MD (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine), commonly referred to as ecstasy, have been collected from the premises.

MD (Ecstasy), Understanding the Banned Substance:

MD, is a synthetic drug with mind-altering effects. In India, it’s banned under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, to fight drug abuse and protect public health. Breaking this law can lead to severe punishments, including jail time and fines, showing the government’s commitment to stopping illegal drug activities and safeguarding citizens.

Battling Drug Crimes in the Region:

This operation shows how hard the police are working to fight drug crimes in the area. Finding a big drug factory like this reminds us to be more watchful and cooperate to stop illegal drug production and distribution.

By Harsh Rathod

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