Phone Hacking Scam – Delhi Advocate Loses 50 Lakhs Without Giving Any Information

According To Delhi Police Cyber Cell, Victim Neither Answered The Call Or Not Share Any OTP But Accused Managed To Stole Money

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Phone Hacking Scam - Delhi Advocate Loses 50 Lakhs Without Giving Any Information

25th October 2023,Mumbai: A North-Delhi based advocate has become a victim of the latest phone hacking scam. Victim has didn’t answer the call but having a three missed call in his phone he loses 50 Lakhs rupees.

Delhi Police Cyber Cell said, the victim didn’t answer the call or not sharing any OTP numbers to that unknown person, but the accused managed all the things and got his personal information including banking details and then stole money.

When The Incident Happened And Who Is A Victim?

The Advocate who is based in North-Delhi filed the report on 18th October who works in trail and high courts. She informed the police about that situation, where he lost his particular amount in Bank. Actually, the police didn’t confirm any number of losses by advocates. According to an officer, a 35 year advocate received three missed calls and when she called back from a different number the person who is opposite in called claimed it was courier delivery calls nothing else.

How Will Get All the Information By Accused?

Officer said, “She sent only her house address with the accused, thinking it would be receiving some package from a friend. After receiving the package later she got two messages from her bank about two withdrawals. The Advocate didn’t share any OTP or password and any other banking details. When the police were approached they saw there were several times debited money without her consent”. As per the Indian express report, In this case the term is called ‘ Sim Swap Fraud’.

Investigation Process

During the investigation process, it may be seen that the woman has an unwanted web browsing history on websites and portals that she hasn’t visited. She received the sms with regard to phishing links as well as suspicious messages about some UPI registration found. Officer added, the lady said she was not dealing with UPI and any such websites.

The woman also said that she received a call after this scam from a man who portrayed that he is an IFSO officer and wanted her bank statement, luckily she didn’t provide any bank details to that man.

Police Officers Found Accused?

The police do not find any suspects in this case. They registered a complaint with the cyber cell and are currently working on the investigating process and found who is actually responsible.

What Is SIM Card Swapping?

In Delhi, this incident happened 3-4 times. Basically, in this case the culprit steals mobile numbers and links them to new SIM cards with the help of an employee who is working in a mobile service provider. Accused get information about their Target through their connections within mobile companies and use these connections to switch Sim cards. Once they get the control on the SIM card, they can obtain a one time password (OTP), allowing them to access the transaction of the victim’s bank account.

By Sojwal Gurav

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