Thane Sex Racket Busted By The Police Department: Five Arrested

5 arrested by Police in a Sex Racket Hailed From Bangladesh to Thane

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10th October 2023, Mumbai: In a recent investigation by the Police Department, a Sex

Racket was busted in the Thane region, all the victims were bought from Bangladesh over an opportunity of good jobs and employment opportunity.

Bangladesh To Thane: A Prostitution Racket

On October 5, a tragic call was made from the spokespersons from a Bangladeshi NGO to a Pune-based social organization alerting them about a a disturbing situation: an individual from Bangladesh had tricky promised a 19-year-old woman a job, only to bring her into India. Tragically, she was held against her will in the Hetutne village and forcefully pushed into a life of prostitution.

In response to this distressing realization, a team from the Manpada police station in Dombivli took immediate action, arriving at the specified location on October 6. Their investigation uncovered a harrowing scene: the young victim and six other women were confined in a room, subjected to the horrors of forced sexual exploitation.

Victims tricked for Good Jobs and employment opportunities

As per the police statements The victims mainly woman were brought to India, under the promise of good jobs and employment opportunities, only to be tragically pushed into the cruel world of human trafficking for sexual harassment.

Additionally, the authorities found the presence of some people around the house.

However the accused became aware of the police’s investigation and managed to escape into a forested area outside Angarli village, as informed by the department

Police Arrested Five Accused

Furthermore the police department arrested five of the accusers all came from the native Bangladesh falling under the age range of 24-40 years. The police in the investigation also arrested the owner(31 year old) of the room in which the victims were kept.

By Harsh Rathod

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