A R Rahman Concert DRAMA: Chaos and Controversy Surround AR Rahman’s Chennai Concert: 10 Reasons Why?

Crowd Management and Safety Concerns Emerge After Marakumma Nenjam Event

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A R Rahman Concert DRAMA: Chaos and Controversy Surround AR Rahman's Chennai Concert: 10 Reasons Why?
  • The "Marakumma Nenjam" concert featuring AR Rahman
  • Traffic congestion near the venue hinted at challenges with crowd management
  • VIP tickets priced at ₹50,000 were sold, but attendees found no designated VIP zone

11th September 2023, Mumbai: The AR Rahman concert in Chennai on September 10th became a subject of chaos and controversy, raising concerns about infrastructure and crowd management. Here are 10 key points outlining what transpired during the event:

  1. The concert, titled Marakumma Nenjam, took place at Adityaram Palace City in Chennai, featuring the renowned musician AR Rahman.
  2. The evening began with traffic congestion near the venue, foreshadowing the challenges that many attendees would face later in the event.
  3. VIP tickets, priced at a steep ₹50,000, were sold to eager concertgoers. However, upon arrival, attendees discovered that there was no designated VIP zone within the venue.
  4. Disturbingly, several women came forward on social media, alleging that they had experienced molestation within the crowded event. As of now, no formal complaints have been filed with the police regarding these claims.
  5. AR Rahman expressed his perspective on the chaotic situation, stating that the event had become an overwhelming “tsunami of people and love” that they were unprepared to handle. He believed that his role as a composer was solely to provide an excellent musical performance, assuming that other logistical aspects would be managed accordingly.
  6. In response to the chaos, AR Rahman took to Twitter to announce that he would refund the tickets of those who were unable to enter the venue. He also posted on Instagram, advocating for world-class infrastructure in Chennai to enhance the live arts scene and ensure the safety and comfort of concertgoers.
  7. In an interview, Rahman emphasized the primary concern: safety, especially for women and children. He refrained from pointing fingers but acknowledged that the city’s expansion and the growing passion for music and art had contributed to the challenges faced during the concert.
  8. AR Rahman clarified that there were approximately 46,000 chairs available at the venue. However, in some sections, attendees congregated on one side, leading the on-duty police to assume that the venue was at full capacity and subsequently closing it off.
  9. Social media users criticized AR Rahman for selecting an event manager they deemed “incompetent” and ill-prepared to manage the massive crowd effectively.
  10. The event organizer, ACTC, issued a public apology on social media, accepting responsibility for the overcrowding and the resulting chaos.

In summary, the AR Rahman concert in Chennai brought to light serious concerns regarding crowd management, infrastructure, and safety at large-scale events. It has ignited a discussion about the need for improved planning and organization to ensure that such events run smoothly and safely in the future.

By Yashika Desai

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