Actor Raghav Thakur Speaks Out on Entertainment Industry Pressures

Advocating for Mental Health: Emphasizing the Need for Open Communication

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Actor Raghav Thakur Speaks Out on Entertainment Industry Pressures

20th October 2023, Mumbai: Raghav Thakur, an actor with a versatile and talented career, offers insight into the grueling nature of show business. He emphasizes the stresses brought on by the industry’s competitiveness and societal expectations, emphasizing the toll they take on those aspiring to the top.

Raghav, who is now starring in Suhaagan, discusses how tough it can be to work in the competitive world of entertainment. He claims, “The pressure from society and competition is so high that everyone wants to be the best in their field. The hard work, struggles, and not giving up teach you important life lessons. What stresses most of the people, is the uncertainty of work in this industry.”

Raghav proposes that in today’s fast-paced world with so much technology, we all take some time to reflect on our life. He continues,  “I think in this busy world, we all need to take a break and reflect on what we’ve been doing and if it’s working for us.”

When questioned about his primary objective in the entertainment industry, Raghav states, “My goal is crystal clear: to become the best actor I can be.”

Raghav also discusses if there should be a guideline for determining how good an actor is. He claims, “No, I don’t think there should be a set benchmark for acting. It’s hard for anyone to be perfect in this field, so I believe it’s better to keep learning and growing at every stage of your career.”

Talking about the increasing awareness of mental health issues, including depression, Raghav stresses the importance of talking openly about these topics. “Being open and talking about these things is always a good thing. It’s strange that we tend to judge people. Instead, we should try to be more understanding and realize that those who’ve been through tough times want to share their stories to help others. Depression, for example, is something very deep that only those who’ve experienced it can truly understand.”

The actor mentions, “I’m glad to see more people talking about these issues openly. As a society, it’s crucial to create an environment where people can talk without fear of being judged. This helps us understand and support each other better.”

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