BTS’s Jimin, Jin, and V Spark Laughter on Weverse with Hilarious Spicy Food Banter!

Jimin's Playful Admission of Spicy Food Struggles Leads to a Lighthearted Exchange Among BTS Members, Delighting ARMYs

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BTS's Jimin, Jin, and V Spark Laughter on Weverse with Hilarious Spicy Food Banter!
  • BTS's Jimin candidly discusses his difficulty with spicy food on Weverse
  • Jin joins the conversation playfully bantering with Jimin.
  • Kim Taehyung (V) adds his own humor to the mix

13th September 2023, Mumbai: BTS fans recently witnessed a lighthearted and endearing interaction between Jimin, Jin, and V on the online fan community, Weverse. The topic of conversation? Spicy food and Jimin’s humorous take on it.

Jin and V joined in on the fun, teasing Jimin along the way

Jimin, a member of the world-renowned BTS, candidly admitted to having difficulty handling spicy food. In a post on Weverse, he shared his thoughts on ways to cope with the intense heat of spicy dishes. As the conversation unfolded, Jin, who is currently serving in the military, and V joined in on the fun, teasing Jimin along the way. Jimin’s post began with a genuine curiosity about the sensation of eating spicy food. He wrote, “I was really, really curious about it. It doesn’t come out even if I search for it. It’s really spicy when you eat spicy food. If you eat something hot at that time, you’ll feel pain for a while, but won’t it get better soon? I searched it because I was curious. But I don’t think anyone has this question anywhere. Is there anyone who thinks similar to me?”

Jimin continued to encourage Jin

Jimin’s musings piqued the interest of fans, with one fan expressing eagerness to try Jimin’s suggestion by saying, “I’ll eat something spicy and hot right now, Jimin.” Jimin, however, cautioned the fan against taking such a bold step, humorously replying, “No, I’m going crazy. In a delightful turn of events, Jin entered the chat and couldn’t resist poking fun at Jimin’s post. Jin humorously claimed, “Thank you. I passed Seoul National University because I ate spicy food and hot food after reading this article.” Jimin, undeterred, continued to encourage Jin, suggesting that he try it and share his experience. Jin responded in jest, “Thank you. On the second experience, I got accepted to Harvard University this time. Thank you so much.” Their playful banter left fans in fits of laughter.

V replied, “Spicy is just spicy.”

Jimin didn’t stop there; he also invited Kim Taehyung (V) to join the conversation, encouraging him to try it as well. V, in his typical witty style, replied, “Spicy is just spicy.” Another fan chimed in with advice, suggesting that they try drinking milk to alleviate the spiciness. This amusing exchange was not the first time Jimin had shared his struggles with spicy food. In a previous live session, fans had the opportunity to witness Jimin indulging in spicy fried chicken and ramyeon while making comical facial expressions. He even pretended to shed “artificial tears,” showcasing his playful and relatable side.

The interaction on Weverse highlights the camaraderie and sense of humor among BTS members, endearing them even further to their devoted fanbase. It’s moments like these that make the BTS experience not only about their music but also about the genuine connections they share with their fans.

By Yashika Desai

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