Esha Deol Opens Up About Her Enduring Bond with Dharmendra

Insights into their shared tastes, emotional connection, and protective love.

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Esha Deol Opens Up About Her Enduring Bond with Dharmendra
  • Similar Tastes and Deep Emotional Understanding
  • Playful Father-Daughter Dynamics: “Professional Online Shopper”
  • Balancing Protection and Individual Pursuit: Esha’s Bollywood Journey

20th August 2023,Mumbai: Decades of Togetherness: Dharmendra and Hema Malini’s Enduring Love

In the year 1980, Dharmendra and Hema Malini tied the knot, embarking on a journey of love that has spanned over four decades. Their enduring love story has been graced with two daughters, Esha Deol and Ahana Deol, who have now grown into remarkable individuals. As a testament to their strong family ties, Esha Deol’s recent social media posts have been dedicated to her father, revealing a deeper connection that goes beyond the spotlight.

Expressions of Love in Unsettling Times

Amidst a series of heartfelt posts shared by Esha Deol on social media, Dharmendra himself took to the platform to express his regret about not being able to stay in touch due to his illness. This display of vulnerability showcased the genuine care and concern within their family. This unique moment has stirred interest in their relationship dynamics, prompting fans and followers to explore the underlying emotions that bind them.

A Bond Beyond Compare: Esha Deol Opens Up

In a recent interview, Esha Deol poured her heart out about the profound bond she shares with her father, Dharmendra. She revealed that their connection is not just superficial, but founded on deep similarities in tastes and an innate understanding of each other. Esha’s emotions run strong, and she admitted to being exceedingly possessive of her father. She confided, “Our choices are quite similar. He understands me without me saying much. I get very emotional when it comes to him and am extremely possessive of him.”

Playful Bonds: Esha Deol, the ‘Professional Online Shopper’

Beyond the emotional connection, Esha Deol also shared some delightful anecdotes about their relationship. She playfully referred to herself as Dharmendra’s ‘professional online shopper,’ highlighting the unique and playful ways they interact. This charming aspect of their bond underscores the ease and comfort they have in each other’s company.

Protective Love: Dharmendra’s Opposition to Bollywood

Esha Deol candidly discussed her father’s initial opposition to her decision to enter the world of Bollywood. She attributed his reservations to his orthodox Punjabi upbringing and his protective nature as a father. This resistance, rather than stemming from a lack of support, was his way of expressing his care and concern for his daughter’s well-being. Esha believes that in the end, everything fell into place, demonstrating the balance between parental protection and individual pursuit.

Empowered by Strong Women: Esha’s Journey to Independence

Growing up surrounded by strong women, Esha Deol was motivated to become independent from a young age. She started earning at just 18, driven by the determination to carve her own path. her experiences with influential women in her life, including her mother Hema Malini, shaped her perspective on individuality and self-sufficiency. Esha aspires to continue this legacy, and she’s committed to respecting her children’s decisions just as she was allowed to make her own.

A Rare Appearance: Esha Deol Joins Dharmendra’s Kids for Special Occasion

Recently, Esha Deol created headlines as she attended the special screening of Sunny Deol’s film, Gadar 2. This rare gathering captured all of Dharmendra’s children in one frame, showcasing the strong familial bonds that continue to unite them. Esha’s support for Sunny Deol’s project and her social media post exemplified the pride and unity they share as a family.

A Fresh Start: Esha Deol’s Acting Comeback

Esha Deol’s journey isn’t confined to family dynamics alone. She’s marked her return to acting with upcoming projects like “Rudra” and “Hunter: Tootega Nahin Todega.” This phase of her career signifies not only a professional comeback but also a reflection of her spirit and determination to explore new horizons.

In the end, Esha Deol’s insights into her relationship with Dharmendra offer a glimpse into the depth and complexity of their bond. From shared tastes and emotional connections to playful moments and protective care, their journey as father and daughter is a heartwarming tale of love and understanding that has stood the test of time. As Esha continues to make her mark in both her professional and personal spheres, she carries forward the legacy of strength and unity that has shaped her life.

-by Kashvi Gala

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