Gauahar Khan Slams Rakhi for Mocking Islamic Traditions

Gauahar Khan Criticizes Rakhi’s Actions Amidst Religious Journey

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Gauahar Khan Slams Rakhi for Mocking Islamic Traditions
  • Rakhi’s Mecca pilgrimage amidst ongoing legal battle.
  • Gauahar Khan’s strong critique of Rakhi’s newfound faith.
  • Serious allegations and public spectacle in the feud.

5th September 2023,Mumbai: Rakhi Sawant, the controversial Bollywood personality, recently made headlines as she embarked on a spiritual journey to Mecca, seeking blessings from Allah. This pilgrimage comes in the midst of her ongoing legal battle with her estranged businessman husband, Adil Khan Durrani. The couple’s highly publicized feud has seen serious allegations exchanged, as they both held press conferences to air their grievances in the public eye.

Sherlyn Chopra and Rajshree More Join the Fray

In addition to Rakhi and Adil’s public sparring, fellow celebrities Sherlyn Chopra and Rajshree More also waded into the controversy, criticizing Rakhi for her actions and statements. The public spectacle surrounding this dispute has raised eyebrows and generated extensive media coverage.

Rakhi Sawant’s Reconnection with Islam

During her visit to Mecca, Rakhi Sawant embraced Islam with renewed fervor. This move surprised and intrigued many, as it appeared to be a significant shift in her life. However, not everyone was pleased with her newfound commitment to the religion.

Gauahar Khan’s Strong Critique of Rakhi

Gauahar Khan, another prominent figure in the entertainment industry, took to her Instagram to express her disapproval of Rakhi’s actions. Without directly naming Rakhi, Gauahar shared a story about Qatar sending Somali orphans for Umrah and criticized individuals who appeared to be mocking the sanctity of Islamic practices.

Questioning Rakhi’s Sincerity and Integrity

Gauahar Khan didn’t mince words in her criticism. She labeled Rakhi as a “loser” who seemed to be taking Islam lightly and turning it into a joke. Gauahar also accused Rakhi of being a drama-seeking individual, questioning her authenticity in embracing Islam and her motives behind it.

Calls for Strict Action

Gauahar Khan went a step further, calling Rakhi a “shameless creature” and urging the Islamic authorities in India and Saudi Arabia to take strict action against her. Her strong words underscored the depth of her concern over the matter.

Critique of Rakhi’s Style Choices

Not limited to her criticism of Rakhi’s actions, Gauahar Khan also took issue with Rakhi’s fashion choices during her Mecca visit. Rakhi, who had been referring to herself as Fatima, was seen wearing extravagant Abayas adorned with jewelry and makeup. Gauahar did not hold back in describing them as “horrendous looking abayas.”

Understanding True Faith

In her social media rant, Gauahar Khan highlighted what, in her view, defines a true Muslim. She emphasized that being a Muslim is not about public displays but rather understanding the core principles of Islam, including the five pillars, being a good and genuine human being, and harboring a genuine love for Allah. Gauahar’s message encouraged a more introspective approach to faith.

Rakhi Sawant’s Serious Allegations

Amidst the controversy surrounding her Mecca visit, it’s important not to forget the serious allegations Rakhi has made against her estranged husband, Adil Khan Durrani. She has accused him of shooting her nude videos and selling them, as well as alleging rape. These accusations have only intensified the public interest in their legal battle.

Life in the Midst of Legal Battles

Rakhi Sawant’s life has seen significant changes since her dispute with Adil Khan Durrani began. She recently revealed suffering from hair loss, leading her to cut her hair, and was seen traveling in an auto-rickshaw. Rakhi attributed these changes to her situation, contrasting it with Adil’s purported lavish lifestyle.

 Rakhi Sawant’s visit to Mecca, her embrace of Islam, and the ensuing criticism from Gauahar Khan have added yet another layer of intrigue to her already tumultuous life. The ongoing legal battle with Adil Khan Durrani continues to captivate the public’s attention, with serious allegations on both sides. The saga serves as a reminder of the complexities of personal and public life in the world of entertainment.

-by Kashvi Gala

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