GHKKPM- Samrudh Returns With A New Identity To Marry Durva

Upcoming Episode Of GHKKPM Shows Savi's Ex Would Be Husband Now Change His Identity And Came To Marry Durva

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GHKKPM- Samrudh Returns With A New Identity To Marry Durva

28th October 2023, Mumbai: Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyar Mein in yesterday’s episode we will see Samrudh enter the Bhosale house to marry Durva. Samrudh who goes by the name Sam Patel. Shakti Arora (Ishaan), and Bhavika Sharma (Savi) starrer broadcasted on Star Plus. When Savi expresses concern to Ashwini about Samrudh’s behavior towards her. She states that whoever marries him will ruin his life as she said he and his family are not good people. Meanwhile, he and his family try to impress the bhosale family.

Samrudh (Sam Patel) Impress Durva

When Samrudh is talking with Durva, he indicates that he knows everything about her and portrays love, caring towards her. Durva was curious about how Sam would know everything about her because she is not sharing anything on social media. Sam  explains that he liked her and we go on trips and enjoy life together. He mentioned whatever you want to do you can do. Well, Sam’s explanation is enough for Durva and she is quite impressed by Sam’s cool personality and her attitude, especially when she sees photos of him.

Durva Studying After Marriage?

When Samrudh and his family entered the bhosale house, the entire family was impressed, especially Durva. She liked her sense and everything. Mandar and his family members said to Sam’s family that Durva can continue her studies after marriage but she stopped them and said she doesn’t want to pursue any further studies.

Ishaan Express Regrets Towards Savi

Ishaan came to Kiran’s house and inquired about Savi and Harinee. He told Kiran’s mother to deliver that Fruit basket for Harinee and the Cake for Savi. Kiran’s mother got angry with him and said, “You are also one of those who harm my Son” and Ishaan admitted it. Later, Savi will throw that cake but when she opens the box and sees “Sorry” on it she decides to forgive him.

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