GHKKPM- Two New Entries Spoil Savi’s Life Will Ishaan Save Savi’s From This Gang?

Upcoming Episode Of GHKKPM, Savi Tries To Find A Job For Helping Harinee financially And Trapped In Scandal.

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GHKKPM- Two New Entries Spoil Savi's Life Will Ishaan Save Savi's From This Gang?

31st October 2023, Mumbai: Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Starrer Shakti Arora (Ishaan), and Bhavika Sharma (Savi) aired on Star Plus. Current plot of Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyar Mein revolves around Savi’s tragedy life were Harinee’s mother in law taunt her, Ishaan misunderstand Savi and as usual financial problems. 

Upcoming episode of Ghum Hain Kisi Ke Pyar Mein, Savi can find a job but the man who can have her was not right for her due to financial problems she said yes to whatever work. Now, it will be an interesting show when Ishaan gets to know about this. What can they do for her?

Sam (Samrudh) Impressed Bhosale ladies

Sam Patel (Samrudh)who can enter the bhosale family to marry Durva. Savi expresses Samrudh’s character to Ashwini while on other hand Sam and his family empress to the Bhosale family. Firstly, Sam impressed Durva by saying known facts about her and how he will enjoy his life. Later, in a recent episode he will arrange the manicure pedicure for the Bhosale ladies.

When all family members having dinner Akka Saheb and all family members apart from Ishaan and his father asked Durva what do you think about Sam? All teasing them and later she said yes to marry him.

Ishaan Was Savi’s Friend Not A mentor

Ishaan packs his whole books into one box and goes to Savi’s hostel room and says this book was mine when I am pursuing it now it will help you. Firstly, she doesn’t get any idea about what he can do but later Ishaan clarified to her that you treat me as a friend not a mentor and she accepted it.

Savi’s Financial Issue Tends To Trapped In Scandal

When Savi goes to Harinee’s home her mother in law taunts her. Harinee’s mother in law mentioned, because of Savi we are not able to pay rent of home. Harinee’s husband Kiran who is in jail and his job also no more for his behavior.Harinee said she found a job and pays the rent but Savi stops her and decides she can do a job for Harinee.

Savi sends a resume to every coaching class and one of the coaching classes approaches her but it’s a trap and she doesn’t understand it.

Well, it is interesting to watch what happened next? Ishaan will be able to know her Financial problem.

By Sojwal Gurav

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