Harrdy Sandhu Set for Debut India Tour: Excitement Builds

Unveiling Harrdy Sandhu's India Tour: Dates and Cities Revealed

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Harrdy Sandhu Set for Debut India Tour: Excitement Builds

25th October 2023, Mumbai: While he has played for his fans in concerts numerous times, Harrdy Sandhu is embarking on a multi-city India tour for the first time. This one-and-a-half month tour will begin on November 18 in Delhi and conclude on December 31 in Jaipur, stopping in cities such as Indore (December 9), Mumbai (December 17), Pune (December 20), Kolkata (December 24), and Bhubaneshwar (December 27).

While it took the singer a long time to organize something this massive, he sees it as a plus.  “I strongly believe there’s a timing for everything, and I think this is the right time for it. This is the first time that I am going on an India tour and I’m super excited about it. We have a great lineup and I can’t wait to give back the love to my audiences that they have always showered on me and my music. As much as I’m looking forward to seeing my fans, my bigger thought is to make sure they have a blast when they attend the concert,” he shares with hindustan times.

Sandhu is also practicing dancing to the beats of his own songs while singing fan favorites. He claims that the plan is to “get that international concert vibe to India”, and that’s another reason why it took so much time for him to plan an India tour. “I wanted to offer something out of the box,” he says, adding, “As far as dancing is concerned, I personally really enjoy doing it. Though dance rehearsals are fun, it’s extremely tiring and gruesome. Not just that, every aspect of it… even the tiniest of things, requires enough time and preparation. Right from dance and singing rehearsals to studio time and coordinating with the crew, there’s a lot that has been going on behind the scenes.”

While there will be numerous surprises for people attending the performance, Sandhu believes, “some things are best kept under wraps, so that we can also enjoy the audience’s reactions to it. I’m confident they will like what we have planned for them.” While he remains tight-lipped about the tour details, Harrdy Sandhu hints at utilizing Hydraulic technology for the events,  ” We had used it in my last music video Psycho and we are recreating this in our tour. We are using hydraulics in the performances, along with multiple background dancers joining in on the stage. We are all set to go out with full power and give the audience a one-of-a-kind experience,” he shared with HT

When asked if he is thrilled about performing in a specific city, he responds,  “I don’t think it would be fair to pick fans from a specific city, but since it’s Punjabi music and Delhi’s main crowd is Punjabi, I expect the crowd to be enthusiastic there.”

“We have a whole bunch of songs, from my latest ones to the OGs. However, I think performing Bijlee Bijlee would be a whole new level of madness, especially with all the background dancers and hydraulics. So, yeah, I’m really excited,” he ends.

By Vaishnavi Rastogi

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