Katrina Kaif’s New Lip Oil Sparks Controversy

Fans and Critics Question Her Altered Appearance

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Katrina Kaif
  • Katrina Kaif Faces Criticism Over Lip Filler Speculations
  • Kay Beauty’s Lip Oil Launch Overshadowed by Cosmetic Surgery Claims
  • Bollywood’s Ongoing Debate on Unrealistic Beauty Standards

6th September 2023,Mumbai: The Graceful Bollywood Diva

Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif is grace personified. Known for her impeccable style sense and ethereal screen presence, Katrina Kaif has many fans not only in India but across the globe.

A Multifaceted Star

Besides her flourishing filmography that includes many acclaimed projects, Katrina is also a successful entrepreneur with her brand named ‘Kay Beauty’. The insanely popular beauty brand is known for Its unique products that offer quality without burning a hole in users’ pockets.

Introducing the New Lip Oil

Katrina recently introduced her new product – a lip oil, and took to Instagram to share a video of herself applying the same, claiming it gives a glossy finish while also hydrating and rejuvenating the lips.

Unwarranted Attention on Her Looks

While the star of the party was lip oil, it was Katrina’s face that caught unwarranted attention. Many people in the comment section of the video are claiming how her lip fillers have gone wrong while her face is swollen as she looks almost unrecognisable.

A Dazzling Pink Ensemble

Talking about Katrina Kaif’s outfit, the actor looked gorgeous in a pink-hued traditional outfit and accessorized it with finger rings, bangles, and matching earrings for the to-go. Opting for a dewy base subtle makeup, she coloured her lips peachy pink, left her tresses open, and defined her eyes. In the video, she can be seen explaining the benefits of Kay Beauty’s new product, which she also applied to her lips while also diving deep into details to explain the benefits of her recent launch.

The Critics and Their Claims

Some users were quick to point out how Katrina Kaif’s face looked different, with many claiming she had undergone some surgeries. Comments ranged from expressions of surprise to outright criticism:

“She looks different,” one user said.

Another mentioned, “She has had lip enhancement already,” while pointing out at her swollen lips.

“Literally most of the actors look the same these days.. had to have a pause to recognize her,” another person asserted, expressing disappointment at how often Bollywood actors go under the knife to change their appearance.

A Reminder of Brand’s Essence

“Kya haal ho gaya hai muh ka bola bhi nahin jaa raha theek se,” wrote another user.

“Surgery kr kr ke shakal change kar di,” added one Instagram user.

Fans have been expressing dismay over Katrina’s alleged surgery/botox/lip fillers while bringing it to her attention that she should remain true to her brand’s tagline – It’s Kay To Be You.

A Familiar Bollywood Trend

For the unversed, prior to Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma received immaculate hate for undergoing lip surgery. Her lips seemed swollen as she appeared on Koffee With Karan alongside Anurag Kashyap in 2014.

A Prevalent Practice in Bollywood

Getting work done on the face and body is not new in Bollywood. Many actors including Samantha, Sonam Kapoor, and most recently Alia Bhatt have been alleged to have undergone knife to change their standards, setting unnatural beauty standards for commoners.

An Empowered Audience

On the brighter side, the audience has become more vocal on issues about setting unhealthy trends even if it means calling out their favourite stars.

 Katrina Kaif’s latest product launch may have garnered attention for all the wrong reasons, with many focusing on her appearance rather than the product itself. The Incident serves as a reminder of the scrutiny and pressure faced by celebrities, especially in the realm of beauty and appearances. It also highlights the changing dynamics in Bollywood, where audiences are becoming more critical of unrealistic beauty standards and are advocating for authenticity. Whether Katrina’s alleged procedures are true or not, the incident sparks an important conversation about self-acceptance and staying true to one’s essence, as emphasized by her brand’s tagline, “It’s Kay To Be You.”

-by Kashvi Gala

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