Movie “Rabb di Awaaz” is truly God’s voice

Movie "Rabb di Awaaz"

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Directed by Ojaswee Sharma, the featured film Rabb Di Awaaz is one of the most important films ever. The film is released on YouTube by Rolling Film Entertainment is produced and directed by Ojaswee Sharma, A National Film Award winner. Co-written by Sharma, the film’s writing credited to Abhinav Sharma and Shiv Kumar Sharma who are also starring in this film.

The Film initiates with Karan, who is a RJ in a Chandigarh Tricity’s leading RJ station is depressed. The problem is that station rating has dropped and the much awaited “Rabb Di Awaaz” show is running on the FM station. His program is running with lowest rating points and unable to call on contestants for the show interview. He before covid was a famous RJ in tricity, but now his fan followings is on declining form. Will he able to get his original spot? Just watch the film on YouTube.

Talking about the film. It is one of the best social films with so many social and practical messages. Centered around specialy abled people, this film innovates the charisma of the viewer to the next level. With beautiful and impactful motivational lines from Shiv Kumar, a blind contestant in the film just transcends viewer to reality of the world behavior. It ultimately connects the film to the core of the viewers. The director cleverly has put comedy as secondary but important buckle which ultimately keeps the audience well spirited.

The film has kickstarted career of many actors. Abhinav and Shiv are at core of the film. If Abhinav is spine than Shiv is the face of the film. They have done their best work. Mohit is another great talent in the film who has played the role of Program head. Jagdeep Lamba’s Role as Jaggi is also well-written and executed. Mukesh played by Snehil Sharma, is a theatre actor, author journalist. With lesser dialogue and good screen presence is the naughtiest character in the film. You will not forget to use his “Chhap Du” and “looser” slang in your Instagram reels and YouTube Shorts.

Rabb Di Awaaz makes a clarion call for empowerment and equality that is impossible to ignore.

Rating 4/5.

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