Munawar Faruqui Gets Huge Welcome From Fans In Mumbai’s Dongri In The Wake Of Winning Bigg Boss 17.

Munawar sought a genius treatment as an ocean of fans assembled around his vehicle and he lifted his Bigg Boss 17 prize.

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30th January,2024, Mumbai:Entertainer Munawar Faruqui, the victor of the seventeenth time of Bigg Boss, got a terrific greeting by huge number of his fans at Dongri in Mumbai. Taking to Instagram on Monday, a paparazzo account shared a video of Munawar in Dongri

Munawar visits Dongri

In the clasp, Munawar opened the sunroof of his vehicle and remained there. As an ocean of the group accumulated around his vehicle, he was seen lifting his prize. The unscripted TV drama champ additionally motioned at them to support him.

Individuals attempted to shake his hands, click pictures and welcome him. Munawar likewise collapsed his hands, expressing gratitude toward the fans for their help. For meeting his fans, he wore a dark Shirt, a beige coat and denims.

Munawar’s post in the wake of winning show.

Prior, Munawar took to Instagram and imparted an image while presenting to the sought after prize and Bigg Manager 17 host Salman Khan. He stated, “bohot shukriya janta. Aapke pyaar aur support ke liye aakhir kar prize Dongri aa hello there gayi (A ton of much obliged, individuals. With your adoration and backing, the prize at last arrived at Dongri).”

He likewise added, “Extraordinary thanks to Bade Bhai (older sibling) @beingsalmankhan Sir for all your direction. Saari #munawarkijanta aur #munawarkewarrior ka dil se shukriya #Karliya. (Because of #munawarkijanta and #munawarkewarrior in all sincerity). We have made it happen.”

Munawar on his success

While tending to the media, after he was declared as the champ of the show, Munawar had said, “…I am exceptionally blissful and appreciative. I’m lucky to have such a fan following…I generally recall my folks during the miserable and cheerful times…” He was proclaimed the champ and Abhishek Kumar was the primary next in line. Munawar brought back home the sought after prize and monetary reward of ₹50 lakh.

Munawar in Bigg Boss 17

Munawar was one of the most famous competitors of the seventeenth time of the Tones show. He hoarded the spotlight since he went into the Bigg Boss house. Nonetheless, his game blew up soon, and he confronted a few obstacles, fundamentally when Ayesha Khan entered the show making a few serious charges against him.

Ayesha put him for undermining her, making misleading commitments, and proposing to one more young lady for marriage. His game hit absolute bottom however he figured out how to stand tall. Before Bigg Boss 17, Munawar acquired ubiquity subsequent to winning unscripted TV drama Lock Upp.

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