Pooja A Gor Applauds Dulquer Salmaan’s ‘Kind-Hearted’ Nature in ‘Guns and Gulaabs’

From Fan to Co-Star: A Journey of Mutual Respect

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  • Genuine warmth on set creates memorable scenes.
  • Impromptu improvisations enhance the acting experience.
  • Ekta Kapoor’s role in shaping Pooja’s acting career.

25th August 2023, Mumbai: A Warm and Welcoming Co-Star:

Pratigya actress Pooja A Gor recently appeared alongside Dulquer Salmaan in the popular Netflix series “Guns and Gulaabs.” Reflecting on this experience, Pooja praised Dulquer’s polite and kind-hearted nature. She noted that his warmth made everyone on set feel comfortable. Being an admirer of Dulquer’s work, Pooja engaged in discussions about acting and her favorite movies featuring him. She particularly mentioned her fondness for the film “Charlie” and enjoyed conversing with Dulquer about their shared craft.

Crafting Memorable Scenes:

 Recalling her time on set with Dulquer Salmaan, Pooja expressed her admiration for his self-assured approach to acting. She described filming scenes with him as a treat, attributing this to his versatility and exceptional performances. Pooja emphasized the joy of watching Dulquer bring his characters to life, making each scene unforgettable. She also highlighted their impromptu improvisations, which added a layer of spontaneity to their collaboration.

The Magic of Spontaneity:

Pooja Gor commended Dulquer’s remarkable spontaneity and improvisational skills. The duo thoroughly enjoyed their impromptu improvisation sessions, a creative process that the team enthusiastically embraced. Pooja believed that these moments brought out the best in their performances and contributed to the overall quality of the show. She praised Dulquer’s ability to think on his feet and create authentic moments on screen.

Gratitude for Opportunities:

Having appeared in various television shows in the past, Pooja expressed deep gratitude toward Ekta Kapoor for providing her with ample opportunities to grow as an actor. She acknowledged that breaking into the industry without a background can be challenging, making opportunities hard to come by. Despite these hurdles, Pooja remained steadfast in her desire to pursue acting and credited Ekta Kapoor for helping her realize this dream.

A Dream Realized:

 Pooja Gor’s journey as an actress has been characterized by dedication and determination. She thanked Ekta Kapoor for giving her the chance to follow her passion and build a career in acting. Pooja recognized that without the right opportunities and support, pursuing an acting career can be daunting. Her story stands as an inspiration to those aspiring to make their mark in the entertainment industry.

Fond Memories of “Charlie” and More:

 Pooja shared her personal favorites from Dulquer Salmaan’s filmography, with “Charlie” occupying a special place in her heart. She appreciated his performances in various roles, including the film “Sita Ramam.” Pooja’s admiration for Dulquer’s acting prowess extended beyond their collaborative project, emphasizing the genuine respect and camaraderie they shared.

An Actor’s Dream Collaboration:

Collaborating with an accomplished actor like Dulquer Salmaan can be a dream come true for any artist. Pooja A Gor’s experience working with Dulquer on “Guns and Gulaabs” highlighted not only his acting skills but also his positive and welcoming demeanor. The chemistry they shared on screen was a testament to their dedication to their craft and their ability to create memorable moments.

An Unforgettable Partnership:

 Pooja’s partnership with Dulquer Salmaan left a lasting impression on her. Their shared scenes, conversations about acting, and moments of spontaneity contributed to an unforgettable experience. Pooja’s words conveyed her admiration for Dulquer’s versatile acting style and his ability to elevate every scene he was a part of. Their collaboration exemplified the magic that happens when talented individuals come together to create something remarkable.

 Pooja A Gor’s experience working with Dulquer Salmaan on “Guns and Gulaabs” was a blend of admiration, gratitude, and creative synergy. Their on-screen chemistry, coupled with Dulquer’s versatile acting and spontaneous approach, added depth to the project. Pooja’s journey from being a fan of Dulquer’s work to sharing the screen with him reflects the transformative power of opportunities and the pursuit of one’s passions.

-by Kashvi Gala

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