Shah Rukh Khan’s Playful Twitter Banter Delights Fans

From ‘Damaad’ Declarations to ‘Tiger 3’ Secrets

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Shah Rukh Khan’s Playful Twitter Banter Delights Fans
  • Virat Kohli Called ‘Damaad’ in Heartfelt Twitter Exchange
  • SRK’s Hilarious Response to ‘Dunki’ Trailer Request
  • Gauri Khan’s Critique Influences ‘Jawan’ Character Adjustment

28th September 2023,Mumbai: In a recent #AskSrk session on Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan playfully addressed his admiration for Virat Kohli, referring to him as his “damaad” (son-in-law) in a heartwarming exchange. This candid expression of affection for the Indian cricket captain delighted fans and set the stage for a series of humorous interactions.

Dunki’s Threatening Ouster Looms

Shah Rukh Khan, known for his wit and charm, engaged in a delightful banter with director Rajkumar Hirani on Twitter. Hirani playfully prodded Khan to watch the Dunki trailer and wrap up his fan interaction. In his typical style, the Bollywood superstar hinted at the looming threat of being “ousted” from the film if he didn’t hurry.

Dunki’s Christmas Release Confirmed with a Twist

Not one to miss a beat, Shah Rukh Khan confirmed the release date of his upcoming film, Dunki, in the most whimsical manner. He declared that Dunki is locked for a Christmas release and humorously suggested that he could get a tattoo of the film’s name on his forehead if fans desired. This playful announcement added an element of excitement to the movie’s anticipation.

SRK’s Classy Response to Box Office Queries

Asking Shah Rukh Khan about the authenticity of box office figures is no novelty. When a fan questioned the box office collection of “Jawan,” SRK responded with grace and wit, suggesting the fan focus on counting the numbers instead of dwelling on such matters.

Unnoticed Mistake in “Jawan”

Shah Rukh Khan, a perfectionist in his craft, shared an interesting tidbit with his fans. He revealed that an unnoticeable mistake went under the radar in the film “Jawan.” Specifically, he pointed out that he wasn’t sporting a Vikram moustache in one scene, a detail that escaped even the keenest of his followers.

SRK’s Candid Take on “Tiger 3” Cameo

When inquired about his cameo appearance in “Tiger 3,” Shah Rukh Khan left fans intrigued. He playfully responded that he would make his entrance whenever Salman Khan, fondly known as “Bhai,” called upon him, adding an element of anticipation to his role in the film.

A Humorous Nod to “Zero”

Shah Rukh Khan is well aware of the mixed reception his film “Zero” received. When a fan mentioned the abundance of zeros in the 1000 crore box office collection of “Jawan,” SRK humorously acknowledged that he preferred not to be reminded of his past film, “Zero.”

SRK’s Praise for “Tiger 3” and Salman Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s camaraderie with Salman Khan was evident when he spoke about watching “Tiger 3.” He hailed Salman as “Bhai” and praised the movie, generating excitement among fans eager to witness their on-screen chemistry.

Gauri Khan’s Critique and Vikram’s Voice in “Jawan”

In a surprising revelation, Shah Rukh Khan shared an anecdote about his wife, Gauri Khan, who is known to be his harshest critic. He disclosed that Gauri loved Vikram’s character in “Jawan” but wasn’t a fan of the bald Azad’s voice. In response, SRK made adjustments based on her feedback, showcasing his commitment to delivering the best.

Shah Rukh Khan Embraces His “Badshah” Persona

When asked about his nickname, Shah Rukh Khan proudly declared himself as “Badshah.” This self-assured response resonated with fans who wholeheartedly agreed with his claim to the title.

In this entertaining #AskSrk session, Shah Rukh Khan once again demonstrated his wit, charm, and playful spirit, endearing himself even more to his adoring fans. His ability to engage in humorous banter while addressing various queries showcases why he remains one of Bollywood’s most beloved and enduring stars.

-by Kashvi Gala

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