Shocking! Urfi Javed Seen Arrested In Viral Video, Prank Or Something Else?

In Viral Video, Urfi Javed Known For His Different Fashion Styles Got Arrested.

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Shocking! Urfi Javed Seen Arrested In Viral Video, Prank Or Something Else?

3rd November 2023, Mumbai: Surprisingly, Urfi Javed is popular for her fashion sense and got arrested. In a viral video, Urfi was seen in a cafe shop and female police officers came and arrested her. This happened on Friday morning.

Urfi Javed Get Arrested

Basically, Urfi recognized her bold fashion choices. She was caught on camera during a casual outing at a cafe when an unexpected incident happened. Female police officer came and approached her when she was enjoying in a cafe . One of the female officers requested her to come to the police station. Firstly she was shocked. Later in response the officer talked about her clothing style and questioned her “Itne chote chote kapde kaun pehenke kaun ghumta hai?”

Reaction Of Netizens

When Urfi Javed is arrested her fans and netizens can comment. One of the  lusers wrote, “Fake lag raha hai.. Police se jyada to urfi ka awaj aa rha hai.” While another wrote, “Wish Mumbai police would focus more on real crimes than what a young girl chooses to wear.”

Urfi Javed Faces Criticism For Fashion Choice

Urfi Javed had previously faced scrutiny and criticism for her fashion sense. However, an unconventional fashion choice complaint was filed against her at bandra police station.

Viral Video Fake Or Something Else?

Well, the video of urvi Javed got viral and netizens reacted to their perspective. Many days it’s fake because only Urfi’s voice is clear as compared to police officers and many more but in a recent story of Urfi Javed she wrote “Arrested By Fashion Police, This Was a Campaign Shoot For Freakinsingdia”.

By Sojwal Gurav

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