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New Song :

Late Punjabi Singer Sidhu Moosewala comes up with his another song “410” released on 11 April 2024 in collaboration with Punjabi Canadian Rapper Sandeep Singh Sidhu aka Sunny Malton. Minutes after the release of song it became trending #1 on youtube. Song received lots of love and affection from the fans of Punjabi Music Sensation Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu aka Sidhu Moosewala. This is Sidhu Moosewala’s 7th song after his death.

About the Song:

One of the verses of this song has been sung by Sunny Malton while other verse has been sung by Sidhu Moosewala. The video also features Sidhu Moosewala alongwith Sunny Malton. Both the singers have been credited for lyrics and composition of the song. Music has been given by “Offgrid”. A part of description read “Special Thanks to the one and only our brother Sidhu Moosewala”.
ABOUT MOOSEWALA: Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead near Punjab’s Mansa on 29 May 2022 buy some unknown shooters but his death didn’t shatter his music career and within one month of his death his song SYL was released which got abundant love from his fans all over the world just before authorities took the song down claiming it to be politically sensitive.


The song has gathered over 93 Lakh views within 2 days and achieved over 8.3 lakh likes. The song is still trending #1 on Youtube and comment section of the song is filled with love affection and demand for justice for late Sidhu Moosewala. This shows the popularity of Sidhu Moosewala among his fanbase spread all over the world. Even after 2 years of his death his fans have not forgotten his immense contribution in Punjabi Music Industry.


410 is Sidhu Moosewala 7th Song after his death. After SYL was released on 23 June, 2022 within one month of his death, his second song Vaar released on November, 2022 which focused on Hari Singh Nalwa, commander of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Thereafter his 3rd song Mera Naa was released in collaboration with Nigerian Singer Burna Boy. Similarly Chorni ( July,, 2023), Watchout (November, 2023) and Drippy (February, 2024) were released after his death.


As per Sidhu Moosewala’s father Balkaur Singh Sidhu’s statement given to local news reporter days after Sidhu Moosewala’s death states that his album has enough songs that can be released for upto 5-6 years so his fans should not be saddened by his demise.

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