Singer Shubh Faces Scrutiny Over ‘Indira Gandhi Assassination Hoodie’ Incident

Controversy Surrounds Singer Amidst Allegations of Insensitivity

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2 November 2023, Mumbai: Punjabi-Canadian singer Shubh, previously embroiled in controversy for alleged Khalistan support, faced fresh scrutiny after he was seen holding a hoodie with an illustration of Indira Gandhi’s assassination during a London concert on October 29. In response, Shubh stated that he did not see the hoodie’s content as various items were thrown at him during the performance.

Shubh’s Explanation Amid Criticism

Shubh clarified that numerous clothes, jewelry, and phones were hurled onto the stage during his London show. He emphasized his purpose of performing and mentioned his inability to scrutinize each item thrown at him. He expressed frustration, noting that despite his efforts, some individuals would persist in finding fault with his actions.

India-Canada Diplomatic Tensions and Shubh’s Previous Controversy

Amidst the backdrop of strained India-Canada relations, Singer Shubh faced previous controversy due to an old social media post where he shared a distorted map of India. He called for prayers for Punjab but also emphasized his strong connection to India and Punjab, expressing his heritage and love for his country.

Criticism from Bollywood Actor Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood actor, director, and producer Kangana Ranaut criticized Shubh, characterizing the hoodie incident as celebrating the “killing of an old woman.” She highlighted the importance of protecting those entrusted to one’s care and condemned any act of violence against an elderly woman who served as a democratic leader.

Social Media Response and Allegations Against Akaal Clothing

Social media users reacted to the video of Shubh holding up the controversial hoodie at the concert. Some claimed that Shubh had observed the artwork before displaying it on stage. Allegations were made against Akaal Clothing, suggesting they used the singer’s concert as a platform for promoting anti-India messages. The incident underscores the sensitivities surrounding such actions in the ongoing global discourse.

By Yashika Desai

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