Tejasswi Prakash: From Modest Beginnings to TV Stardom

Rising Salaries, Big Wins, and Enduring Success

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Tejasswi Prakash
  • Bigg Boss Triumph: Earned 2.1 Crore, Winner of Season 15
  • Spectacular Salary Hikes: 25K to 6 Lakh per Episode
  • Expanding Net Worth: Industry Powerhouse, Net Worth Soars

29th August 2023,Mumbai: Emergence of a Star: Tejasswi Prakash’s Meteoric Rise

Tejasswi Prakash, a prominent name in the Marathi entertainment industry, has carved her place in the limelight with her remarkable achievements. The winner of Bigg Boss 15, Tejasswi, has once again become the center of attention due to her rumored involvement in Bigg Boss 17. The upcoming season is speculated to feature numerous ex-contestants, including Tejasswi and her partner Karan Kundrra. While their roles remain shrouded in mystery, one aspect that has piqued curiosity is Tejasswi’s salary for her participation.

Lucrative Gains: Tejasswi’s Impressive Earnings

Tejasswi Prakash’s journey in the world of reality television has been accompanied by impressive financial gains. During her stint on Bigg Boss 15, she reportedly earned a substantial sum of 2.1 crore, drawing a salary of 10 lakhs per week. Across 17 weeks of captivating the audience, the talented actress amassed 1.7 crore in earnings, in addition to a prize money of 40 lakh for emerging victorious. Tejasswi’s financial ascent is a testament to her popularity and demand in the entertainment industry.

Stepping Stones: Tejasswi’s Progression in Television

Before her Bigg Boss triumph, Tejasswi Prakash showcased her prowess on the reality show “Khatron Ke Khiladi” season 10. Reports suggest that she commanded a fee of 1.5 lakhs per episode during her participation. Tejasswi’s journey in the television realm began in 2013, and she gained prominence through her role in Colors TV’s “Swaragini,” where she shared the screen with Helly Shah. Initially earning Rs 25000 per episode, her career took a substantial leap following her success on Bigg Boss.

The Leap to Stardom: Tejasswi’s Soaring Remuneration

Ekta Kapoor, a prominent television producer, recognized Tejasswi’s potential and cast her as Naagin in the widely acclaimed supernatural series. Her salary for the show saw a remarkable progression from 2 lakhs per episode to an impressive 6 lakhs per episode. Calculations suggest that Tejasswi’s income soared significantly during this period, with estimations indicating she took home between 4.5 to 5 crores for her contributions to the show. This exponential financial growth underscores her value in the industry.

Net Worth and Beyond: Tejasswi’s Financial Position

Reports about Tejasswi Prakash’s net worth have been a subject of interest among her fans and followers. While some sources state her net worth at 19 million, recent updates suggest a staggering figure of 250 million. While the exact amount may vary, there’s no denying that Tejasswi has secured a strong financial standing through her hard work and dedication.

Beyond the Screen: Tejasswi’s Diverse Earnings

Tejasswi Prakash’s influence isn’t confined solely to television. Her fan base avidly supports her endeavors, and there have been claims that she received a payment of 1 crore for a fashion ramp walk. However, it’s important to exercise caution when considering such sensational claims, as they often lack credible verification.

An Artist Worth Her Mettle: Tejasswi’s Remarkable Journey

Tejasswi Prakash’s journey from modest beginnings to television stardom is a testament to her dedication and talent. Her journey from earning 25K per day to commanding a substantial 6 lakh per episode reflects a remarkable growth of 24 times and a staggering 2300% over the span of a decade. With her consistent strides towards success, Tejasswi remains an actress whose accomplishments rightfully justify her impressive price tag. As she continues to ascend the ladder of success, her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring talents in the entertainment industry.

-by Kashvi Gala

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