Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s Relationship Faces Strain in Bigg Boss 17

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain's relationship takes a challenging turn in a recent Bigg Boss 17 promo, unveiling a heated conversation where Ankita suggests a 'break.'

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12 January 2023, Mumbai: Drama unfolds in Bigg Boss 17 as Ankita Lokhande and husband Vicky Jain encounter serious relationship issues, stemming from hurtful words exchanged with Vicky’s mom. In a recent show promo, Ankita appeared visibly upset, expressing her feelings to Vicky about being misunderstood.

Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande Relationship:

A garden conversation between the couple revealed Vicky playing with Ankita’s hair, attempting to understand her concerns. Ankita shared her frustration about feeling misunderstood, but the exchange took a negative turn when Vicky voiced his complaints about her. He highlighted aspects he disapproved of, such as her opinions on his actions, facial expressions, and differing thought processes.

This display of discord left viewers speculating about the stability of their relationship, with many fans predicting a potential divorce post-Bigg Boss, given the intensity of their ongoing clashes. Instances of physical altercations, such as Vicky being caught almost slapping Ankita, have further fueled the speculation.

Ankita Contemplates Breaking Up with Vicky Jain?

Frustrated with the mounting issues, Ankita broached the idea of taking a ‘break.’ Vicky, visibly shocked, struggled to comprehend her intention. The atmosphere in the Bigg Boss house became charged with uncertainty as viewers eagerly anticipated the resolution of this high-profile relationship drama.

As the couple navigates this turbulent phase, the show’s narrative takes an unexpected turn. The once-charming love story faces the harsh spotlight of public scrutiny, leaving fans on the edge of their seats, wondering about the future of Ankita and Vicky’s relationship.

Vicky Jain’s Mom Enters Bigg Boss 17 House:

The situation escalated when Vicky’s mom entered the Bigg Boss house, introducing an additional layer of complexity. Recalling an incident where Ankita kicked Vicky on national television, she confronted Ankita, causing a ripple effect of tension in the already strained relationship. Vicky’s father’s involvement, reaching out to Ankita’s mother and questioning her on her marital dynamics, added fuel to the fiery situation.

Ankita, already grappling with the emotional aftermath of her husband’s passing, expressed her discontent with Vicky’s mom involving her own mother in the ongoing saga. This confrontation became a pivotal moment, shedding light on the deeply rooted issues within the relationship.

Ankita Lokhande Loses Her Cool:

The tension in the Bigg Boss house reached its peak, with Ankita and Vicky seemingly on the verge of a split. The hurtful comments from Vicky’s mom and the continuous clashes have created an atmosphere of turmoil. Ankita, grappling with the emotional toll of the public scrutiny and personal challenges, reached a breaking point.

As the drama continues to unfold on Bigg Boss 17, the audience is left in suspense, eagerly awaiting the next episode to unravel the fate of this troubled couple. The rollercoaster journey of Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain has become a focal point of the show, capturing the attention of viewers who are invested in the highs and lows of this celebrity relationship. The question remains: What lies ahead for Ankita and Vicky as they navigate the tumultuous waters of Bigg Boss 17? Only time will tell.

By Mahananda Bhattacharjee

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