Ankita Lokhande gives Vicky Ultimatum,‘Main Jari Hu Teri Zindagi se’ : Bigg Boss 17

Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain don’t appear to be on talking conditions now. The new promotion shows Ankita requesting that he should was his own utensils.

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After their regular battle and visits from their respective mothers inside the house, Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain are not showing any signs of giving in. Now, the new promo shows Ankita and Vicky having one more battle. It shows a sad Ankita leaves Vicky, saying, “main jari hu teri zindagi se ab tu dekhle (See I’m disappearing from your life now).”

The latest promo of Bigg Boss

In the advertisement, Ankita is seen sitting on a second sofa by herself, while Vicky is seen putting effort into her relationships with Mannara Chopra and Isha Malviya. Vicky appears to have approached her after she said something, asking why she had made a comment. She apologizes and walks away, only to come back and beg Vicky to wash his cutlery again.

Vicky tells her that there is no requirement for her to remind him yet she adds that it’s her job to wash the utensils and his utensils will get blended in with others in some time, prompting an issue. “Aap  captain jaise responsibility mat lo, aapne bol diya, maine sun liya, karlunga (Don’t assume the liability like a subtitle, you have said it and I have heard it, I will make it happen),” he tells her as they have a sage of arguments . Ankita also lets him know that he should be reminded by her, to which he answers, “Aap bologi to zabardasti jhagda hoga, aap bolo mat, aap captain nahi ho (We will battle in the event that you converse with me, don’t converse with me, you are not the commander).”

Vicky walks into the kitchen and begins to clean his cutlery. He tells Ankita that she made him feel “humiliated” when he was talking to Mannara and Isha when the other seven contenders had all been eliminated. Ankita informs him that he thinks it’s her tendency to make fun of him whenever he talks to anyone. She lets him know that she came inside to keep things basic. As he keeps on blaming her for humiliating him, she leaves saying, “Aaj kal aapko pata nahi kya hogya hai, aap sirf jhagadte hain. Mujhe koi jhagda nahi karna hota hai ((Don’t have the foggiest idea what’s up with you that you battle with me constantly. I don’t plan to humiliate you), I’m extremely heartbroken. I would rather not converse with you everlastingly, I’m going. Primary jari hu teri zindagi se, ab tu dekhle tere ko kya karna hai (I’m leaving from your life).”

People react to Ankita and Vicky’s Fight On The Show

A paparazzo account shared the promotion on Instagram with the inscription: “Trust she truly didn’t intend what she said. Ankita tells Vicky, ‘Main jaari hu teri zindagi se!’’”

The audience seems to appear divided on the current scenario between Ankita and Vicky. Some upheld Ankita while some favored Vicky. An Instagram user responded to the promo saying, “I want to believe that she actually intended what she said!!” One more said, “It’s difficult time now Ankita should comprehend that her self esteem is everything.” One more remarked, “Ankita merits better! Vicki is about ego!!!”

Among the people who sided and sympathised with Vicky, one said, “She will respond and insult Vicky in each and every manner… Then she will say sorry and behave like she is the person in question.” One more expressed, “Vicky is correct, She made him wiped out. He can’t converse with anybody. He is outgoing person. She has made his life damnation. Poor Vicky.”

Numerous viewers also showed their disapproval to the having a hitched couple on the show. “Bigg Boss effectively obliterated a marriage,” said an Instagram user. One more said, “Achchhi khasi saadi todne ye log bb chale gae (The couple happened to Bigg Manager to break their marriage).” A remark likewise read: “A lot of mental tension.. vibe he match ni hori dono ki (their energy doesn’t coordinate).”

By- Gursharan Kaur

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