Bigg Boss 17: Aishwarya Sharma Defends Ankita Lokhande as She SLAMS Vicky Jain’s Mother!

'Aishwarya Sharma Supports Enemy Ankita Lokhande as her Mother In Law Passed Comments'

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12 January 2024, Mumbai: Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain have been grabbing attention for their heated arguments and have faced criticism for their relationship. The spotlight intensified when their mothers appeared on the show during the family week. Things took a nasty turn when Vicky Jain’s mother made unkind remarks about Ankita. Aishwarya Sharma, a fellow contestant, has stepped forward to support Ankita and condemn Vicky’s mother’s comments. Aishwarya expressed her disapproval of Vicky’s mother implying that a husband is like a god. She argued that Vicky is not some divine figure and has also said hurtful things to Ankita.

Ankita’s Mother Suggest Not to talk about Sushant Singh Rajput

Ankita and Vicky’s relationship has been rocky, with frequent quarrels inside the Bigg Boss house. Ankita often complains about Vicky not giving her enough attention, while Vicky appears to be overly controlling. Their disagreements escalated to physical altercations, with Ankita hitting and kicking Vicky. The couple even discussed taking a break from each other. During the family week, Vicky’s mother shared that Vicky’s father confronted Ankita’s mother after the physical altercation. Ankita, in response, requested her to keep her parents out of the matter and apologized to the Jain family for her behavior. However, after leaving the house, Vicky’s mother made derogatory comments about Ankita.

Aishwarya Sharma Supports Ankita Lokhande

Aishwarya Sharma, despite having a strained relationship with Ankita on the show, has come forward to support her. She criticized Vicky’s mother for her comments, stating that Ankita doesn’t know how to behave and often brings up Sushant Singh Rajput for sympathy. Aishwarya also claimed that Vicky’s family never approved of his marriage to Ankita and pointed out that husbands hold a significant place in a woman’s life, equating them to gods. She found it unfair that Ankita was being blamed solely because she’s Vicky’s wife, while Vicky’s actions were being ignored.

Celebrities Come in support for Ankita Lokhande

Notably, Aishwarya Sharma’s support for Ankita is echoed by other celebrities like Rashami Desai, Kamya Panjabi, Sunny Aryaa’s wife Deepika, and Ridhi Dogra. They have all rallied behind Ankita, condemning the negative remarks and criticism she faced, particularly from Vicky’s mother.

By Yashika Desai

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