Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhande and Aishwarya Sharma Clashed In Arguments Over The Captaincy Task

The First Captaincy Task Lead An Argument Between Aishwarya Sharma and Ankita Lokhande

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On 14th December 2023, Mumbai: Latest episode of Bigg Boss 17, was filled with heated arguments between housemates over kitchen duties and captaincy tasks too. Arun Mashettey bashed Anurag Dobhal over the alteration of alarm. While, Aishwarya Sharma and Vicky Jain get into a fight in the kitchen, calling him “Sana 2.0. After the arguments, Bigg Boss announced a captaincy task where housemates had to feed the vulture meat. During the task, Abhishek Kumar, Neil Bhatt and Vicky Jain reach first and nominate Samarth Jurel,  Aishwarya Sharma and Vicky Jain too. Ankita requested Aishwarya to not take her name, but Aishwarya Sharma refused.

Whole House Are Into An Argument

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 17  was intense drama and arguments. The day starts with the arguments between Arun Mashettey and Anurag Dobhal for the alarm. Later,  the fight started between Aishwarya Sharma and Vicky Jain in the kitchen and Aishwarya Sharma calling Vicky Jain, Sana 2.0.

Bigg Boss Announced The First Captaincy Task

After the two fights, Bigg Boss announces the first captaincy task in the house with the contestants. The housemates are supposed to feed the vulture with the meat which is hanging on their neck. Housemates would get a chance to nominate one of the housemates to get out of the race for the captaincy. There would be rounds till there would be one contestant left. During the first round, Neil Bhatt, Abhishek Kumar and Vicky Jain reached first and they nominated Samarth Jurel, Aishwarya Sharma and Vicky Jain respectively.

Ankita Lokhande Request Aishwarya Sharma For The Captaincy

Before the second round begins, Ankita Lokhande requests Aishwarya Sharma to give her a chance to be the captain of the house but Aishwarya Sharma refuses it.

Aishwarya says, “Agar main nahi bani toh main kisiko nahi banne dungi.” Ankita still requests, but Aishwarya says, “Captain sota nahi hai.” They further banter that strong personalities don’t sleep, and neither are they arrogant.In the round, Aishwarya takes Ankita’s name. Ankita says, “Sone ka reason nahi hota, give a firm reason.” Aishwarya says, “The main reason is your husband.” Ankita replied, “Pati-Patni karti rahengi toh game nahi chalega.”

Aishwarya says that Ankita pokes in between, Ankita asks Neil, “Do I come in between your matters?” Neil says, “Don’t include me in this, you can fight with her.” Ankita gets disappointed, “Kya yaar Neil, thoda toh dum rakh yaar.”

Ankita Lokhande And Neil Bhatt Fight Over The Aishwarya’s Decision

Ankita and Aishwarya have a brawl, Aishwarya says, “I have given you a tit for tat. You had done this to me in the previous task, now it’s my turn.” Ankita says, “Your pati-patni angle will pull you down. Aapke andar grudges hai jo aap jaane hi nahi deti. That shows your personality. I can still work on myself and be the captain next time. But you don’t deserve to be.”

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