Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 11: Ashish Patil and Karun Pandey Are Teaming Up For ‘Teen Ka Tadka’

Karuna Pandey's Lavni Performance Mesmerizing With Ashish Patil And Vivek Chachere

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On 17th December 2023, Mumbai: This week of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 11, the theme was “Teen Ka Tadka”. Karuna Pandey grace the stage with Lavni performance to the tune of “Taal Se Taal Mila”. Choreographer Vivek Chachere and Ashish Patil impress judges with their Expression, Timings and semi classical form. This weekend, Marzi Pestonji made an appearance and gave compliments to her classical dance skills and signature moves. Judge Malaika Arora praised her performance, especially the Lavni segment. The Lavni King Ashish Patil expressed his excitement for performing with Karun Pandey and showcasing his talent towards Lavni and highlighting their dedication of works.

“Teen Ka Tadka” With Guest Marzi Pestonji

This weekend, Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 11 welcomed renowned choreographer and dance expert Marzi Pestonji as a guest. Marzi Pestonji came with the unique challenge “Teen Ka Tadka” theme. Each of the celebrity contestants will team up with their original choreographer and also guest choreographer from the industry that makes an impression on the viewers and judges.

Choreographer Ashish Patil Performing With Karuna Pandey

Karuna Pandey performed “Taal Se Taal Mila” to make everyone spellbound with her choreographer Vivek Chachere and celebrity choreographer Ashish Patil. The trio will set the stage on fire with a Lavni performance on classical tune.

Marzi Pestonji Spellbound With Karuna Pandey Performance

Impressed with the fusion act, Marzi said, “Karuna, what can I say? You’re a very good dancer even in the classical form. Genuinely, because you play with emotions, expressions, and timing so well. I love what you did with your signature step. Your lavani, your timing, and even the semi-classical form that you started with was beautiful. Also, I really like this song; as I’ve been a part of it. We had a lot of fun while shooting this song. You know, when we used to dance in the background, we used to have fun as nobody was watching us, and we enjoyed doing whatever we wanted. I have been a background dancer for Malaika too.”

Malaika Arora Impressed With Karuna Pandey

Adding to the compliments, Judge Malaika Arora said, “I would say, you beautifully synchronized ‘Taal Se Taal’. Firstly, Ashish Dada, it’s a pleasure to have you on this stage. The way you perform Lavani, nobody does Lavani like you. You are the patriarch of Lavani, the king of Lavani. Truly, you should wear this crown on your head. That’s how good you are. Karuna, your face is radiating with energy. The expressions you give, especially in Lavani, were the most important thing. You were absolutely beautiful today. When you perform, I think even Farah Ma’am said last time, you really compete with young talents here. Literally. You caught every beat. You captured every moment. It was stunning. I was genuinely very happy seeing all three of you.”

Ashish Patil Shared His Experience Of Working With Karuna Pandey

Furthermore, talking about his experience of working with Karuna, Ashish said, “When I got to know that I have to perform with Karuna Ji, I was excited, as I’ve seen many of her performances because I often follow Vivek Ji’s choreographies. He is one of my favorite choreographers. And when I heard that Karuna Ji is performing with me, I decided that it should be a Lavani because she hasn’t performed it yet. Till now, on this stage, there has only been discussion about her expressions and gestures. The hard work she puts in is commendable.”

Ashish will also go on to give Karuna his ‘Manacha Mujra’.

By Sojwal Gurav

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