Kanchi Singh Decides To Explore OTT After Seven Years Went From Acting

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Actress Kanchi Singh Set To Return With Acting After Seven Years

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On 8th January 2024, Mumbai: Popular actress Kanchi Singh went from acting. After seven years, she decided to explore OTT because nowadays lots of people connect to OTT rather than television. Kanchi who played the protagonist in Aur Pyar Ho Gaya and was last seen in The Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Kanchi Singh started her journey with Kutumb at the age of eight. Well,  she will soon be in OTT projects. She shared her life and thoughts before coming back into the picture.

Kanchi Singh Believes That Social Media Has Transformed Industry

Actress Kanchi Singh is back with the bang and has opinions on the Social media industry and television industry. According to her perspective she thinks, nowadays connecting people are more into OTT rather than the Television, Social media has transformed the industry. Kanchi further said, Today, everyone wants to be an actor. YouTubers and influencers have replaced actors because they are probably more famous than us. I, too, feel the pressure to increase my followers on social media. Despite being an introvert, I have had to adapt to the evolving times.”

Kanchi Singh Will Soon be seen In OTT

As we know actress Kanchi Singh is back with the industry after seven years. She shared the reasons behind away from acting for so long. She said, “I was waiting for the right project,” she replies, “The break was extended because I was also struggling with health issues and weight gain during the pandemic. Besides, I wanted to explore OTT because a majority of people are connecting with the OTT content. Unlike a few years before, when TV shows would run indefinitely, today they wrap up within months. While old shows continue to dominate, new ones struggle to captivate the audience.Most viewers have shifted to watching their favorite shows on their mobile phones,”

Kanchi Singh Shared Her Personal Life’s Ups And Downs

she shares, “I have learnt when the tide is in your favor, you are inundated with work. The opposite happens when the time isn’t favorable.” She further added, Besides work, the lows in your personal life can also take a toll on you. I, too, was in a relationship and had pinned my future on it, but it wasn’t meant to be. My family became my biggest support during these lows. It made me realize that people may wither away, but your family always stands by you. I want to be single and avoid any distractions. A relationship diverts your focus from work as your attention gets divided. I have rested enough, and now, it’s time to get back on track.”

By Sojwal Gurav

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