Munawar Faruqui’s Ex Nazila Sitanshi Broke Her Silence On Their Separation And Ayesha Khan

I Was made to accept that I was the only girl in his life however there were a great deal of different young girls , this is only pattern he follows : Nazila

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19th December,2023, Mumbai: Munawar Faruqui’s supposed sweetheart Ayesha Khan defies him on Bigg Boss 17 around double crossing her and Nazila. Munawar owns up to professing to be involved with Nazila. Nazila goes live and expresses that she is over her relationship with Munawar and blames him for being engaged with different young ladies. She explains that she was made to accept she was the main individual in his life. She communicates her disappointment with Munawar’s falsehoods and public consideration on their own lives.

Munawar’s Love Life Has Become A Subject Of Public Discussion

Munawar Faruqui’s adoration life has turned into a subject of conversation over the most recent couple of days after fresh insight about one of his supposed sweetheart Ayesha Khan’s entrance in Bigg Boss 17 stood out as truly newsworthy. In the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 17, Ayesha entered the TV drama as well as faced Munwar around double crossing his better half Nazila and her. The professional comic attempted to make sense of his side of the story yet additionally conceded that he was claiming to be involved with Nazila this while on the show.

 The disclosure overwhelmed everybody. He additionally asserted that he actually care deeply about her and they needed to return to one another. In any case, Munawar’s ex Nazil went live last evening after the episode and expressed that she is over her relationship with him and doesn’t have anything to do with him. During the live streaming, she blamed Munawar for being engaged with different young ladies and furthermore that this is the example he continues in his connections.

I Am Not Comfortable To Share My Personal Things On A Public Stage

The explanation, defense that was given on the show by Munawar Faruqui isn’t correct. I was involved with somebody and I regarded that bond regardless of the way things were, I believe that I should avoid talking about our relationship on a public stage. Yet, when things are said about me which are false, I assume I have all the option to come on the web and explain myself.

I Was Made To Accept That I Was The Only Girl In His Life

I didn’t know about Ayesha and Munawar being together, I was being recounted something else entirely and I was made to accept that I was the main individual in his life, I was the main female he was enamored with however it was false and there were a great deal of different young ladies included that I would rather not discuss. I accept these things are private and ought to remain individual. On the off chance that Ayesha was the main individual associated with this I would consider excusing yet she isn’t. I wish individuals realized that went down behind the scenes, obviously they don’t and I believe individuals should quit focusing. I don’t have anything to do with Munawar subsequent to observing the present episode.

It Was Only A Lot Of Lies And I Am Not Happy With This

I stayed quiet since I needed to see what he needed to say and how he legitimized this entire thing. It was only a lot of falsehoods and I’m not happy with this. I don’t have to legitimize to anyone here and I would even not liked to come on live yet things have gone so much that I needed to come live and put my side of the story out there for once. This is my reality and I don’t have to demonstrate it to anybody. This is the last time I’m talking about this. I’m never going to recognize this in my life. I don’t need to do anything with this individual or circumstance. It is a disgrace that these things have become public. Individuals are discussing it freely and are ridiculing my own life, things that they don’t know anything about, mishandling me in remarks and on twitter, and phony recordings. I hate this by any means. I’m hating this distinction by any means. I simply needed to clear my side so I have a psychological fulfillment and tranquility of some sort or another.

I’m Over This Relationship And I Don’t Have Anything To Do With Munawar

I’m over this relationship and I don’t have anything to do with Munawar and I’m completely totally finished with it since trust me anything that you are seeing on the show isn’t the entire story and I need to get into profundity of how grimy it gets. This is only an example that is being continued in every one of the connections, in his long term relationship with me and furthermore the entirety of his connections. I track down no spot in my heart to excuse this individual, I would rather not see any Dms or messages requesting that I pardon this individual. I would rather not partner with him any longer and I want to believe that you regard my decision. I want him to enjoy all that life has to offer and I really want to believe that he gets everything in his life and wins Bigg Boss.

By-Sapna Meena

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