‘The Archies’ Musical Debut: ‘Va Va Voom’ Drops Soon

Zoya Akhtar Reveals Release Date for The Archies' Second Song, Unveiling Star Kids' Film Debut.

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'The Archies' Musical Debut: 'Va Va Voom' Drops Soon

2nd November 2023, Mumbai: Excitement is mounting for “The Archies,” a teen musical comedy film introducing prominent star kids to Bollywood. Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda (grandchild of Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan), and Khushi Kapoor (sister of Janhvi Kapoor) are all making their debut in this Zoya Akhtar-directed movie. A new track from the film, titled “Va Va Voom,” is slated for release tomorrow, adding to the anticipation.

The Much-Anticipated Song Poster Unveiled, Teasing Fans with the Teen Sensation Trio

The buzz surrounding The Archies intensifies as director Zoya Akhtar reveals the poster for the film’s highly anticipated second song, “Va Va Voom.” The poster showcases the entire star cast, including Suhana Khan, Khushi Kapoor, Vedang Raina, Agastya Nanda, Mihir Ahuja, Yuvraj Menda, and Aditi ‘Dot’ Saigal. The cast, adorned in vintage attire, is depicted in a lively carousel setting, hinting at an energetic dance number. Zoya also announced the song’s release date: tomorrow, November 3.

Here’s the Poster:

Delve into Archies

In Zoya Akhtar’s “The Archies,” a star-studded cast brings to life beloved characters from the comic book series. Suhana Khan embodies Veronica Lodge, Khushi Kapoor portrays Betty Cooper, and Agastya Nanda takes on the role of Archie Andrews. The ensemble also includes Vedang Raina as Reggie Mantle, Mihir Ahuja as Jughead Jones, Yuvraj Menda as Dilton Doiley, and Aditi ‘Dot’ Saigal as Ethel Muggs.

The film’s first song, “Sunoh,” provided a lively introduction to the vibrant world of these iconic characters. With the upcoming release of “Va Va Voom” and more content on the horizon, the movie is generating considerable anticipation. Fans can look forward to its premiere on Netflix on December 7.

Star Cast

Agastya Nanda as Archie Andrews: Portraying the charming and endearing Archie Andrews, known as Riverdale’s teenage Casanova. He’s passionate about music and leads the band, The Archies. Archie is a selfless and loyal character, though he grapples with his feelings for both Betty and Veronica. He wears his heart on his sleeve, a trait that often leads to trouble.

Khushi Kapoor as Betty Cooper: Khushi Kapoor takes on the role of Betty Cooper, the lovable girl-next-door. Betty is determined, kind, and capable in almost anything she attempts, except winning Archie’s heart. Her interests include journaling, working at her dad’s bookstore, and assisting her mom in baking. Betty’s ability to find the good in everyone makes her the most reliable and beloved friend.

Suhana Khan as Veronica Lodge: Suhana Khan embodies the character of Veronica Lodge, Riverdale’s wealthiest resident. Veronica is determined, sassy, and effortlessly alluring to boys. Her rare confidence sets her apart in Riverdale’s old-world charm. Despite her lavish lifestyle, Veronica remains generous and loves her friends deeply. She shares a close bond with Betty.

Vedang Raina as Reggie Mantle: Vedang Raina portrays Reggie Mantle, a good-looking and self-assured member of the gang. Reggie is the wisecracking jokester, quick-witted, and secretly sensitive. While he keeps his feelings hidden, he has a secret crush on Veronica. However, Reggie’s dating life includes the rest of the girls in Riverdale, showcasing his self-love.

Mihir Ahuja as Jughead Jones: Mihir Ahuja brings Jughead Jones to life, known for his insatiable appetite and unique headwear choices. Jughead is Archie’s best friend but harbors a fear of girls, in contrast to his easygoing buddy. He’s surprisingly sharp and witty, choosing to follow his own path. Jughead also serves as the drummer for The Archies and works at Pop Tate’s, Riverdale’s beloved local diner, often eating more than he serves.

Dot as Ethel Muggs: Dot portrays Ethel Muggs, an underrated and eccentric character who aspires to become Riverdale’s leading hair stylist. She is passionate about her job and holds ambitious dreams. Ethel is known for her sweet nature and is a loyal and dependable friend. Her soft spot for Jughead is publicly acknowledged, and she shares her food with him in an attempt to win his heart.

Yuvraj Menda as Dilton Doiley: Yuvraj Menda takes on the role of Dilton Doiley, Riverdale’s brightest and most fashion-forward teenager. Dilton is a constant learner, delving into new subjects and inventing in his spare time. He impresses the gang with his intelligence but hides a secret struggle that he grapples with privately.

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